This Much I Know...

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

We just wrapped up SB'17 and I must say that I needed it...

No piano lessons or baseball, no lacrosse practice for me or late meetings for Patrick, just a week filled with a lot of nothing and at the same time everything. It was really a time for me to try and tackle projects that keep collecting dust, sleep in, and hang with my boys. While Patrick was ready to get back into the routine by the end of the week, I must admit that I was not ready for the week to end. This much I know....I really love being with these wild and crazy boys (and their logical, patient, amazing, daddy too!).

We started the week off right with a visit with Aunt Sarah...she was in town for a conference and while the boys played in the hotel pool we got to sip on some wine and do some much needed catching up. This gal is truly one of a kind with a heart of gold...funny that our visit was on St. Patty's Day:)

no idea what d is even doing

Patrick and I headed to the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill to watch some golf and I gotta admit it was the best deal in town...we purchased tickets for the Birdies and BBQ with delicious bbq from 4Rivers and cold beer to wash it down under a shaded tent. It was supposed to be a little birthday treat for Patrick, but I had just as much fun so it was a win/win!

18th hole


arnold palmer was one of the greats....he will be missed, but it was fun to see his legacy around the course

zach johnson making a put
We took a day trip up to Mt. Dora to visit a retired French teacher from Trinity. He fed us a delicious French meal, gave us a tour of his beautiful garden and took us out on his boat. My favorite part of the day was being out on the boat and he received a call from his son that his wife was going to the hospital to deliver his first grandchild!!!! He was beyond excited to receive that call....

captain herve'

lemon cake and duncan...maybe two of my favorite things

the boys gobbled up the French meal (side note...we gave a good lecture before arriving to eat whatever is given and no pushback....and they did!)


wip takes the wheel 

little music, little snap

i love this kid so much 
Duncan had an idea during the week to take his own money and buy Wip a present. He wanted to then get a box and decorate it, and then give the decorated/wrapped gift to Wip. He talked about it every day to the point that Wip caught on and he also wanted to get Duncan a gift, wrap it and decorate a box to put it in. While running errands I stopped in the Dollar Store and picked up a couple of very useless and unnecessary items. The boys decorated boxes and wrapped up the different items and then exchanged the boxes like it was Christmas time. It. Was. Precious. They both got so excited to see the other persons reaction and spent lots of time crafting the boxes. The day was declared "brothers day" and I am pretty sure there will be another one soon.

seriously, how sweet is duncan's box? 

the great exchange

did i mention it was also stay in your pjs as long as possible day too? 

I swear these two could keep themselves entertained ALL day. From snuggle parties to dance parties here, they always seem to have the best time with each other.

 We rounded out the week with a Spring Training baseball game....what a highlight. The boys played in the bounce houses while Patrick and I got to actually enjoy the game. The boys would check in from time to time, but they ran and jumped and literally wore themselves out. After the game we went to a classic bbq joint with zero frills or fuss...Peebles Bar-B-Q...amazing. If you are even thinking of a visit, plan on coming hungry because we are more than likely going to introduce you to this legendary hole in the wall (although it is closed July and August because it it too hot outside:).

Ahhhh...Spring Break. I wish you did not have to end, but I am sure glad you came around. Until next time.

Have You Seen Moonlight?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

This movie will stick with me forever. It was brutal, it was raw, it was beautiful. After seeing the film I found myself seeking and reading anything I could get my hands on about the film and it was this NY Times piece that made me realize that it was really a story about a mother and her son. In my opinion (and I have not seen La La Land) it deserved that statue. 

So, how are you? It has been a while...sorry about that. I gotta tell you, life has been busy. But in the best way possible. 

Patrick had this portrait done of the boys for my anniversary gift. CHERISH IT. I will be looking/loving this for years to come. Thank you @christinehebert!  You are amazing! Interested? Contact for commission inquiries...worth every penny!

We went to the Manatee Festival...turns out manatees are pretty boring and just lay there, but it was still a fun day.

Wip continues to ROCK in school...library is his favorite subject. He is currently going through about 3-5 chapter books a week....he seriously cannot get enough. Somebody pinch me. 

Oh, and in addition to a zoo keeper he has decided he also wants to be a DJ #goals

Duncan celebrated 100 days at school....with a half-hearted attempt at a self portrait.

Sometimes we get these notes home and I just scratch my head and wonder who he is in one classroom to the is hard to deny that he is not cute and funny so at least the teachers with a sense of humor will hopefully get him:) 

I was super proud of the Valentines that I made for the boys this year...

We spent a Saturday experiencing all of the art experiences that Orlando has to offer (turns out that it is quite a bit)...this is at the art museum in front of a Georgia O'Keefe painting...clearly Wip was more into his book:) We wrapped up the day with ice cream (of course!). 

 I got a haircut...after and before:) 

Mr. Mulloy celebrated a birthday and I had his advisee group come in to decorate his office...and they did (they truly love him if they were willing to get up at 6:00am). 

Wip wrote a play....

And was given his bible during his Holy Communion lessons

Wip's JFF (Jelly Fudge Friend - 6th Grade Buddy) sent him this postcard when he went to D.C. and it just hit home how lucky Wip is to have such amazing people in his life.

Duncan continues to try and practice kindness....

After getting in trouble at school a few times I got this text one night when Duncan snuck up to the neighbors house to play...I just LOL at her last text...he sure can play up the Eddie Haskell role:) 

Wip still loves animals

Wip is also ROCKING it in piano....he loves learning and music is something that he is passionate about. 

Duncan's work of art

 I can tell Wip is a good friend. We get these kinds of notes/signals all of the time.

 Patrick got me this for Valentines Day and I can't stop laughing at what they put for the shipping address...GLORIOUS!
 We finally got these two back together and it just flashed the teenage years before my eyes!
 I am helping out with the girls lacrosse team and I must say...while is so nice to be around the girls.

Finally....Duncan. Thank goodness for Duncan. He has been brushing his hair before school and this is the end result. Ironically it looks just like the hair of his buddy that he has not been making the best decisions with lately....Duncan, please, please never change. 
That is all for up Jackson Hole, WY!