Saturday, March 29, 2014

Getting in his last drawing before bath time
Wip loves to draw. Animals and monsters are the favorites. He brings home probably a tree worth of drawings each week from school. I stumbled upon a website that was made for my little artist. Art for Kids! is amazing. It gives you step by step instructions on how to draw different things. When I signed up for the email announcements they sent me a free download book about how to draw monsters. If you have a little Picasso in your home, I would highly recommend checking it out!

His Boys

Thursday, March 27, 2014

There are two things that Duncan truly loves, t-shirts that are too big for him and his boys. Duncan will come home from school and talk about four people. Judah, Cash, Drew, and Lukey (?). 
  While he cracks me up with his independent play (click here to see what I mean), he really does love being with his friends (and brother:).

Judah, Cash, Drew, D

Independent play

Determined to watch the movie while keeping the mask on

Big T-Shirt

Independent Art

Another T-Shirt that is too big

Enjoying a snack

His boys

So happy 

Love this boy

House For Sale

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

As most of you know our house is for sale (insert frustration face here). We never know if we will be able to get into our house so I have to adjust our days constantly. I have been trying to come up with creative and fun ways to be out and about, but as you can see below (and thanks to old man winter sticking around) we have mostly been in our car!
Thank goodness the boys enjoy looking at books in the car
We have been to both malls (several times)

The rides cost $1 each time so I just have the boys pretend that they are driving (not sure how long that will work:)

We have been to the cookie shop (obvi)
Same ride, different mall

We take naps

We go to the zoo
Click here to see some chickens!

We go to random toy stores at the mall 

We check out the middle school performance of Alice and Wonderland at KCD (and wake up from a naps)

Wip asked me why there was a "ghostbuster" sign on Duncan's seat

I make the boys pose (in the car)

We like to push buttons

We act like goofballs!
If (and only if) it is not freezing we do get outside. On this day I completely forgot that KCD was still in session when I took them to the playground!  Oooops!

Ice Cream Addict

Monday, March 17, 2014

Maybe it is because I really want warmer weather, maybe it is because we have been kicked out of our house for showings and I need something to do, or maybe just maybe I have a slight addiction to ice cream? I was looking over the pictures on my phone and realized just how many times we have been to get ice cream in the past couple of weeks. A lot.

Bottle It Up

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wip was his best this past weekend. Best. On Sunday, I was heading out to run errands as Wip was going to the bathroom. I gave a quick goodbye and all of a sudden the door flew open from the bathroom and out came Wip. He just wanted to give me a hug.

Patrick, Mimi, and Granddaddy took Wip to a basketball game and said that he was so well behaved that someone came up and told him that they wished their child would sit through a basketball game so nicely. Keep it up kid!

We went to dinner on Saturday night with friends and he drew pictures (animals, of course) and passed one to each person sitting at the table. So sweet.

We celebrated John Speiden's 5th birthday party on Sunday (5! Really?). It was a great party with soccer, pizza, and teenage mutant ninja turtle cupcakes (how cute?). As the pizza was being passed around to the children, I noticed Wip trying to get my attention. When I went over to him he made me bend down (he is very into whispering something in your ear when he needs to share something). He told me to make sure that John Speiden's mommy gave me and Patrick a piece of pizza. I just thought it was so sweet that in the chaos of being with his friends and eating pizza and cupcakes that he was looking out for his parents (don't worry, I had like 3 slices:).

Wip is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but he is sweet. I just want to bottle up his sweetness and pass it around...I think it would make the world a better place.

Drew and Duncan

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Playground Fun

While Wip went to the UofL game with his daddy, I picked up Duncan's best bud Drew for a little playdate. It was a beautiful day so we headed to the KCD playground. I can't even put words into how cute these boys were...running around, giggling, looking out for each other. Click here for a sneak peak. When Duncan would be climbing the ladder to the slide, Drew would say "now be careful Duncan". After about two hours of playing we headed to Comfy Cow (for the third time this week) {don't judge}.
Drew was so excited he was waiting outside for us to pick him up

Could you just eat him with a spoon?

Sitting a car, talking about cars, gripping toy cars

Comfy Cow time!


Friends swap ice cream flavors

I think we are just going to have to pack up Drew and take him with us to Florida.  

Tubes (later post)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Snuggling after the procedure
Ms. Marie called for a phone parent/teacher conference. She told me that Duncan was doing great and gets along well with his peers, but during circle time he does not participate. It was not that he was misbehaving, he was just basically sitting there and staring at her. I told her that we were getting tubes put in his ears the next day and I would be interested to see if it helped.
funny juice is funny
On Wednesday, February 26th we headed over to Jewish Hospital for the procedure. Upon arrival, they gave D some "funny" juice to calm his nerves. I can't even put into words how much he was cracking us up. He would say "whaaaats your name?"...."I think we call you Mommy!". While this was completely entertaining for me and Patrick, the "funny" juice wore off by the time the doctor came in to take him back (2 hours later!). Of course the procedure only took 10 minutes. He was back in the room with us in no time and Dr. Murphy said that he was confident Duncan's hearing would improve 30-40% that day with all of the junk that was taken out of his ears.
post surgery ice cream
Fast forward a couple of weeks later and I swear Duncan was walking through a tunnel for the past few years. I think he was "getting by", but I really do not think he could hear. Every time I go to pick him up from school, one of the teachers says to me (daily) "I can't believe the difference in Duncan". So thankful for good doctors and procedures that make my little man a new little man:)

I Think I Feel A Little Bit Great

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We had a snow day on Monday (again!), but there was no sleeping in for the Mulloy family. Wip started getting sick around 3:00 a.m. It was a looooooong day. The good part (if you can call it that) is when Wip would feel like he was going to get sick he would go strait to the bathroom (he made several trips). The problem was over the course of the day he looked like he lost 10 pounds!  My poor little man. The picture above pretty much captures what we did all day.
Our new diet
I gotta brag on Wip for a bit, I don't know if it is a boy thing, or just his personality, but if I went to bed and suddenly started to throw up I know for sure there would have been some kind of freaking out (a.k.a DRAMA). After a long day of watching movies and being pitiful, Patrick put the boys to bed around 6:45 p.m. After about an hour in bed, Wip comes down the stairs and just calmly lets me know that he got sick in his bed.  No freaking out, no screaming, no crying, just matter of fact.

Scenes from a frat sick house
Fast forward to about 11:00 p.m. and Duncan started to "let it go" {side note: did you see this? it literally made my day, and this cracked me up}. Duncan does not have the mindset to head to the bathroom, so last night would have reminded you of a frat house. I changed him (and me) three times, we went through more towels than I can count, and poor D just could not sleep (which took us from his mattress, to the boxsprings, to the floor).
Another lazy day
We (of course) kept both boys home today, which means it is going to be another day of movie watching and playing with animals. The only ray of light was when Wip woke up this morning and I asked him how he was feeling he responded "I think I feel a little bit great". Well said little man, now if we can make sure the sick gets outta here!