Potty Party

Monday, February 24, 2014

Lets get this "potty" started in here
We went to a potty party a few weeks ago. What is a potty party you might ask?  Well, it is basically an excuse to get the children together to play, the adults together to drink some vino (at 11:30am:), and everyone gets to take home some goodies from Huggies (including Skittles, underpants, pull ups, and stickers).

Playing cars

Potty Crew

Yep, that should make someone need to potty:)

Potty Treats

It is exhausting...
As we were leaving the party, I accidentally ran into the mailbox (that just happened to be made
of IRON). In my defense the driveway was a sheet of ice and I was trying to avoid sliding down the hill. I just got the bill to replace the mailbox and lets just call this the most expensive potty party I will ever attend!  I must say that seeing D and Dreeeeeeeeew together makes it worth it. Best Buds. 

Jackson Hole

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It started off rocky. The descent into Jackson was one of the more bumpier rides I have ever experienced. Picture multiple people getting sick (at the same time), faces all around turning white, and a clammy little boy laying on your lap talking about how much his tummy hurts. All of the while, I was just praying to make it to the ground (alive). Wip made it into the airport before getting sick all over his daddy (and the brand new airport). After getting adjusted we were ready for a great weekend of skiing and eating (yes, my mind is weirdly obsessed with thinking about food even after something like a terrible landing just happened).
Just a boy and his air vent

Working on his balance in the playground at the Dallas Airport

Watching Monsters, Inc.

While drawing monsters
This was D (not kidding) as the plane was going down

Day 1 we shipped the boys to ski school and daycare and spent the day burning some serious calories on the slopes. I had to laugh at D's "report card" from the daycare. It mentioned that he went to the potty. The next day Patrick had to confirm this (obvious) mistake. Nope, it was true. Once in daycare he insisted on going to the potty. Figures. Once we got back to the hotel and took a dip in the pool it was time for some serious eats. In true William Creason fashion, both boys fell asleep while finishing up their dinner. It. Was. Classic. 

Post ski beer

One minute drawing animals

The next, sleeping while eating a french fry

Day 2 we once again shipped the boys off to ski school (click here for a little taste of ski school) and daycare (click here for a little taste of D on the slopes). It was so random when I dropped Wip off his teacher was from where else but Lexington, Kentucky!!!  What are the chances? After lunch we got a call letting us know that D was not feeling well, so I picked him up and we snuggled back at the hotel...poor little man. Patrick stayed behind with D and the rest of us enjoyed a fantastic meal at the Granary

Day 3 was my favorite. After a relaxing morning we took the boys to the mountain for a little family ski session. I have never laughed so hard with Wip. As we were riding up the lift we talked about how each snowflake is different (just like people) and as we got off the lift I have never heard such giggles out of that little man. He was so excited to just ski. He pizza wedged, french fried, flipped backward, and almost went into the trees, but damn did we have fun. On the way up the lift with his daddy for a second round he said "I really like learning how to ski". Click here for proof. 
D inhaled some bacon at breakfast


D was done.

Post ski Cliff  

Post ski cookie

Post ski snow ball making

Needed a little walk around the town

It was not easy being with all the guys (Granddaddy, Uncle Scotty, Patrick, Wip, and D). For example, at dinner on the last night all of the guys were discussing top movies (of all time). Movies like No Country for Old Men, Lawrence of Arabia, and Chinatown were mentioned as top runners. When I piped up and said "I really liked The Holiday"...I got nothing, as in they completely did not even acknowledge that I had mentioned it:) That is why next year I can't wait for the gals and sweet William to join us!  Such a wonderful weekend filled with lots of fun memories. 

See you next year Jackson!

Happy Customer

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Yesterday I needed a couple of things from Trader Joe's.

I had both boys with me in the car and Duncan fell asleep (per usual) around 4 p.m.

It was one of those "game time" decisions in which you have to decide...do I just ride on past the store because taking out a sleeping toddler (aka dead weight) and a four year old (only interested in buying ice cream) could be a complete disaster.

I took a chance. I decided to play my cards and go into the store. I gave Wip a pep talk about how he needed to help me (for some reason, Wip really {really} enjoys it when you ask him to help you do something).

Picture it. Dead weight Duncan passed out on my shoulder and Wip gripping my hand as we walk through the parking lot. I asked Wip to get one of the smaller carts and told him that he was going to have to be the big boy and put all of the items that we needed into the cart. His eyes lit up with excitement and he (of course) asked to go to the ice cream isle first. After picking out some ice cream, he went around and put bread, juice, and cheese into his little cart. He could not have been more proud of himself and really got a kick out of helping me out as his brother drooled all over my coat as we walked through the store.

We were ready to check out and we walked past the Trader Joe version of Cheetos. Wip asked if we could buy some and I told him maybe another time. He said "what if another kid comes by and wants to buy them and the store runs out?". I explained that they will be here the next time we are ready to buy them, but I did love how everyone around us started chuckling.

As we were checking out, Wip whispered something in my ear. He said "mommy, that guy is really cool", talking about our cashier. I told the cashier what Wip told me and he said "that is really adorable" only to have Wip follow it up with "mommy, will you please tell him what I said". Wip made someones day. And that is why it made my heart so happy to be his mama at that very moment.

I know not every trip to the grocery will go this smooth, but I will cherish the moment when it does.

Lets See...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

So this week has been a bit of a blur...

That darn groundhog
Another snow day, another day of snuggling on the couch

Duncan got a taste of his first Snickers bar

I think he liked it.

Of course, I went to pick up a new "doggie" and the old "doggie" suddenly appeared.

Wip lost his "zebra" blanket (please, if anyone knows of its whereabouts contact me asap:)...I captured this video of the boys playing in the kitchen, it just broke my heart when Wip explains to D that he has nothing...come home soon "zebra" blanket.

Wip received the shabbat bag on Friday, so we had some fun with challah bread, juice and the linen cloth that Wip decorated to cover the challah. This is a video of Wip doing a prayer.

Duncan enjoys the daily playtime (with a sock accessory, of course)

Finally, I know that most of you know that our family will be heading to Winter Park, Florida this summer. Patrick accepted a position at Trinity Prep as the Director of Curriculum. I could not be more proud of him. It will be very hard to leave such wonderful friends and family, but I know that it will be a great adventure for our family. When I talked to Wip about the move, he asked me to call his friends to tell them, but to let them know that his new house will be close to Disney World. My hope is to have a revolving door of visitors!

Humor Me

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I realize that most parents think that they have funny kids. Even when others do not see it, sometimes when it is your own, you can see the humor in what they are trying to do/or say, and boy does it make life good.

Today, Patrick took the boys to Chick-fil-a. If you do not already know about the Chick-fil-a "swap", when you take your book from the kids meal up to the counter, they will take the book back and give you ice cream. Wip looked up at Patrick during lunch and said "its like magic, books turn into ice cream".

While Duncan continues to crack me up with the sock on the hand, he started a new trend. We can add hat on the face to the many {many} silly things that this boy does on a daily basis (he was still talking to us through the hat, oh, and the gloves are a staple the boy does not do mittens).
Wip was playing in the basement this afternoon, and was very proud of his Peppa Pig house set up that he asked me to come down and check it out. As we were walking down the stairs to the basement he explained that he set up the house, but he did not include the washer. His theory behind not including the washer was that Peppa and her family always keep the same clothes on, so they do not need a washer in the house.
 Keep it coming boys. Keep it coming.


Monday, February 3, 2014

If you have been around me lately and I have asked in a sing-a-ly voice "do you want to build a snowman?" please don't be alarmed. Wip introduced me to the Frozen soundtrack, and I must admit...I am obsessed.

My friend from California emailed me that there was going to be a Frozen Sing-a-long at the movie theaters on Friday, and when I looked into it, it seemed as if it was a "once in a lifetime" opportunity. I had no idea what the "sing-a-long" part was all about, but if you did the math:

Frozen Soundtrack obsession + 2 adorable little boys = Frozen Sing-a-long Movie afternoon date!

In my head, I was thinking this was going to be huge. If others in Louisville loved this soundtrack as much as I did, and it was a one time thing, I expected lots of folks to come out at 3:05pm on a Friday afternoon.

That is why we showed up to the theater at 2:17pm. We were basically the only people there. Like in the entire building (beside the one staff person behind the counter). We waited, and waited. By the time the show started two other people showed up. So much for my theory. Oh, and FYI, the "sing-a-long" just means that the words to the song show up on the screen.

Either way...I could not think of a better way to spend an afternoon.