The Best of Both Worlds

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I have these two boys. Two very different boys. One loves animals (okay, okay is obsessed with animals) and the other loves superheroes and really wishes he was Captain America. Thanks to their cousin William who introduced us to Disney's PJ Masks. Three children become superheroes at night, but here is the catch the superheroes are a gecko, owl, and catboy. Basically, the show is the best of both worlds and the boys are officially obsessed.

I ran into a friend who is about to have her second child (another boy). Her older son will be two in May and the new baby is also due in May. I was so excited for her when I heard this because it is the exact situation that I found myself in almost 5 years ago. It took me back to that moment when we brought Duncan home. I had already experienced two years of Wip. Learning that he is sweet, particular, and loved animals. I had no idea what to think when it came to Duncan's personality and how I would one day describe him.

Now that Duncan is almost 5 and Wip is almost 7 (whaaaat?) I really have to pinch myself because I have two sons with the most different personalities which have truly given me the best of both worlds as a parent. Wip has remained sweet, particular, and continues to have a love for animals. Duncan is hilarious, easygoing, and loves his brother more than anything.

Waiting for the Red Wolf at the Brevard Zoo

Wip leading Duncan through the ballpark

He is particular about brushing his teeth with the tooth timer

Such a helper, one night he asked if he could make dinner

He did and it was great!

Loves Star Wars

His love of animals is still going strong

Happy place

I discovered this the other day...made me smile

I love getting text like this when I am at work

He has become so brave for his allergy shots

My happy boy

He is pretty goofy too

He loves to swing 

"My foot just got pizzad" - Duncan

"Mr. Jackson is their favorite doctor just like Ms. Sandy is our favorite hair cutter" -Duncan

He loves to relax

"These trains make a great snipping noise" (he means snap) - Duncan