We Go Hard

Friday, August 30, 2013

It was the first full week of school and all I could think of was the Jay Z song  "Brooklyn (Go Hard)".

This week was full of school for the boys, teaching a new class, soccer games, golf matches, meetings, errands, practice, and much more. It is just going to get busier...but the boys love school, I am really enjoying coaching, Patrick loves being with his golf team, and we have finally found the balance of the routine. Speaking of routines...check out Duncan's music class routine found here.

Wip in music class

What is up with Wip's "I love you" sign?

Duncan, play, play playing

Discussing doggies and backpacks

Afternoon with D...helping me make rice krispie treats

Doing a great job with eating the M&Ms

I have been hanging a lot with these fine ladies...they crack me up!

Ashir and Wip hanging in the heat at soccer practice...cute, sweet, boys

I am not kidding about the heat...look what happened to one of the soccer balls at practice! Ouch!

Classic D...not wanting to take a nap until we are in the car on the way to practice...my little devil.

Feeling Sappy

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I love my kids. I get frustrated with my kids. I sometimes want to throw my hands in the air, and just walk away from my kids. But, for the most part, I really, truly, love my kids. Sometimes, I just have this moment of ohhhh mmmm geee, I want my kids to stay like this forever. Today, well, maybe just a portion of the day, I had a few of those moments.

It started with a walk in the park with a friend. Duncan decided he was going to do his "oh Mom, I will just take a nap at 4:20pm...that is cool, right?". As we walked around Cherokee, Duncan slept and Wip was dying to hit the playground. Being as patient as a four year old can be, we hit up not only one, but two playgrounds at the park. I lost track of the time and we were supposed to be at a party which cut into the playground time. As we were walking to the car, he was being somewhat of a slow poke and in my frustration, I yelled at him. He ran up to me and said "but Mommy, I have something for you" and there in his little hand was a flower (or weed). He picked me a flower, because he knew it would make me happy. I smiled the entire way home.
He wanted to put the flower he picked with the other flowers but I don't think he understands that these are fake:)

While at the party, the boys play, play, played. They were running around having the best time, and dinner included a cupcake and 3 juice boxes (I know, just go ahead and give me the "mom of the year" award). I ran into a friend that I had not seen in a while and she looked at Wip and said "Wip, how is it that you are four?!". Wip (being, well, Wip) looked at her with the most serious face and said, "well, before I was four I was three, and then I turned four!". We all lost it...such common sense that kid.

I read a very short article found here  that pretty much took what I experienced with my sons this weekend and made me cry like a baby. I know it will go fast, I know that there will be bumps, I know that I am blessed beyond measure to have these two amazing boys in my life. And just like Mr. Gerson's sons, they will ALWAYS have a room.

Wild Kratts

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I swear whoever came up with the concept for the show "Wild Kratts" completely had my sons in mind.

It is a show about two brothers who go on adventures with and about animals. I am embarrassed to admit that they have watched every episode on Netflix, so much so that they can name the episode. Duncan will say to me "Mommy, watch Let the Rhinos Roll?". Too much screen time? Maybe.

The opening song to the show is catchy and the boys love it. What was that? You need proof?  Click here.

Excited about Milk

Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Friday!

I thought I would end the week (the loooong, exhausting, draining week) with a video of Duncan in his Turtle class. Click here to check out how pumped he gets for his milk.


First Day of School

Thursday, August 22, 2013

We had a great start to the school year!

Duncan is a turtle, has reunited with his best buddy Drew, and could not be happier to walk in those school doors.

Wip is a fish, has reunited with his buddy Israel, and told his daddy "his classroom smells snowy and he loves it". Can't really get better than that!

The End of Summer

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It is the officially end of summer in the Mulloy house. We all go back to a routine tomorrow (hooray) and the boys are beyond excited to get back to school. I thought for a "end of summer" tribute I would share some never before seen photos/videos of just how our summer was the best EVA...

Let's start with the videos (password is wpmdlm)
Walking home from the park (please notice the very quite/faint "I love you" that comes from Wip...priceless)

Duncan and his buddy Ashir playing soccer (so cute!)

Duncan doing his fake laugh while listening to Jim Gaffigan (hilarious!)

Wip being DJ to our song of the summer "Blurred Lines" (such a talent:)

Catching Duncan acting just like his big brother (#pleasestayyoungforever)

Now for the pics:
We had fun at the beach...

Seriously? How sweet is that face (William's of course:)

We said "goodbye" to friends (good luck in Texas Trey, Katie, and Nathalie!) 

We spent some QT with our cousins (can you tell we enjoy being with each other?)

We ate lots and lots of ice cream

We read books and watched TV (all at the same time!)

We hung out with our Grams (and tried to pretend we were angelic)

We took road trips

We ate our first (and maybe last) sno cone (messy!)

We went to the zoo (a ton)

We (finally) rode the carousel

 We took lots of walks

 We had a portrait made of Wip (I love how this captures his personality...spot on)
We went to a farm party and Duncan fell in love with a dog

Happy summer to all and to all a good night!