Bring Your Nephew to Work Day

Friday, September 28, 2012

I wish it had been under different circumstances (Mollie had to attend a funeral for Polly Williams, an amazing lady who was taken too soon), but I got to hang with William at work today.

First of all, I had not seen him in over a month and the little peanut is not so much a peanut but a chunky monkey!  

He kept playing a game with me in which he would stick his lip out making me break out into the obnoxious baby voice "don't you cry sweet boy" in an effort to let me know how ridiculous I sounded he would just break out in a big smile.

The funniest part of the afternoon was when I took a call while giving him a bottle.  Not smart. In trying to speak to a man with a heavy accent, I almost dropped the bottle because I could not hold the phone, bottle, and baby all at once.  A co-worker came in laughing and of course captured the moment.

All I know is William is a good baby and I am happy to hang with him anytime!

Only Child

Thursday, September 27, 2012

While Duncan looked like a strung out Jesse Pinkman recovering from pink eye, he sure did enjoy being an only child for a day.  We went through books (I would read the first page and he would get up to retrieve another one), played in the playroom (he squealed at the fact he had full rein of all the toys), and did a little peek a boo (while I tried to fold laundry). I thought staying home for the morning would allow me to catch up on some house work...yeah right. Spending quality time with Duncan is worth the pile of laundry that still lies on my bed.

Book time

That is right...all mine:)

Of course pointing out the ball

Me and my D


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I was drinking a mini Sofia tonight during bath time. It was a cruddy day.

Three months ago I scheduled our family pictures to be taken by Weasie Gaines at her farm. I had the boys outfits picked out, haircuts scheduled the day before, and made sure that I had coverage for soccer practice so we could get to the farm at 5:30pm.

Duncan had some crud in his eyes the day before.  My dad came up to watch the boys (Yom Kippur) and took him to the doctor this morning. Pink eye and an ear infection, but you would never know.  He was eating, smiling, and loving on his Skip It like he does every morning. When I called Weasie she answered the phone "uh oh". Then when she heard the pure disappointment in my voice, she kindly told me that we can reschedule and that I needed a drink!

Being confined to the house this afternoon instead of taking family pictures was not all that cruddy. I taught Wip how to properly ask someone to dance (look them in the eye and say "may I have this dance") and I learned how much Duncan enjoys doing crafty stuff.  Not only did he shriek with excitement when I pulled out the crayons, but he also helped me with our Kiwi Crate craft box by stuffing the fruits and vegetables that we created.  Even with crud in his eye and fluid in his ears he sat through story time tonight and even picked out another book and that is some progress.
Making a mess

Farmers Market Apron and Veggies

This is random...Wip told me while he was eating dinner that he made a trail and for me not to clean it up...such a particular little man!

Kelly's Birthday Surprise

Monday, September 24, 2012

It was a beautiful day, her birthday, and she wanted to take her boys to the Washington Zoo.  Little did she know when she would walk into the panda exhibit it was filled with reporters.  When asked if she had come to give her condolences to the mother panda that had just lost her 6-day old baby she responded "of course".

If you google Kelly Parsons and panda, this is some of what you will see.




Happy Birthday Sissy!

Happy Birthday Casper!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Today we went to Casper's birthday party.  Casper is in the cow class and is also a triplet (Abby and John Henry). The party did not disappoint.  Ponies, balloon animals, bounce house. Wip had a ball!
Israel in the house!

Beautiful day for a party!

Super cute

Getting instructions

Loving every minute of it

After (it is a dinosaur:)

Thanks for a great party!

Happy Birthday Miles!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sweet Miles Dones turned one on Saturday.  The decorations were adorable and the boys had so much fun!  Good food, good weather, good fun!

Sugar Mamas Bakery

Acting like a big boy

Wip loved the fruit and Miranda is smokin'!


Coca Cola Classic (no he did not have any:)

Happy Birthday!!!!

Bearcat Festival

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wip had a rough start to the weekend.  When I picked up the boys from school he had fallen on the playground and cut his fenulum.  It was bleeding like crazy so I called the dentist to see if I needed to take him to the ER to get it stitched up.  Dr. Kelly had us come in to the dentist so that she could take some x-rays.  After a popsicle and sticker he was ready to have some fun at Bearcat Festival.
Angelina Jolie lip

Thank you Dr. Kelly!

All better

It was a perfect evening for some Bearcat fun.  Wip and Duncan played and played, and played. My favorite part of the night was when we were leaving a big group of high school girls yelled from the top of the bleachers "BYE WIP AND DUNCAN" I think the entire festival heard them.  Wip had the biggest grin on his face that a group of pretty girls was telling him goodbye for everyone to see:)
Happy boy

Duncan's dorito face

Duncan and Anna = Cute Couple Alert!

Brother taking in a football game

Duncan practicing his throw


Thursday, September 20, 2012

This is my shameless, selfish post about my birthday.  Its my blog and I will share what I want to (please sing this to its my party and I will cry if I want to). In one word, my day was great!

It started on my way to the gym, I backed into Patrick's car. Now, some of you know my relationship with the golden egg. No damage (not even a scratch) but for some reason I let out a tiny smile for just giving it a little nudge:) I was then greeted to a decorated office from my sweet soccer team.  Makes coaching totally worth it.

Fast forward to picking up the boys from school.  Wip came running out with a weed and informed me that he picked it just for me.

Coming home I was greeted with gifts, cake, and flowers. It just keeps getting better.

I dropped the boys off with Patrick and headed to PRP for a soccer game.  It was a rough start, but we pulled out a tie and I could not be more proud.

I came home to this awesome gift from my husband.

Add to that lots of Facebook love, emails, text messages, and phone calls and I could not have had a better birthday. Life is good at 36 years young:)


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wip loves to name his family members. In the car the other day he was going over each person in his family. Lately, he includes David with each round (trust me when I say that he has many "rounds").

Last night at dinner I told David that he is officially part of our family because Wip now includes him when he goes over everyone in his family.  David looked at me and said "that is an honor".  Tear.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I received a call this afternoon.  It went something like this...


"Hi, Mandy, it is Ms. Jan, from the Temple"- Ms. Jan (obvi)

"Gulp, is everything ok?"-Mandy

"Oh yes! I was just giving all of the parents a call to make sure that the year has started off ok and make sure you did not have any questions"-Ms. Jan

"We are having a fantastic year, Wip has a smile on his face everyday and he is learning so much"-Mandy

"Well, he is a delightful little boy"-Ms. Jan

"Thank you, that is very kind. You have a lot of patience"-Mandy

"I must tell you...I have never had a child who loves books as much as Wip and that is a wonderful thing"-Ms. Jan

(Ms. Jan has been a preschool teacher at the Temple for over 20 years!)

The great Dr. Purcell from East Louisville told us when Wip was just a baby to make books toys, make books fun, and always have books around...after taking a trip down memory lane it is clear that Wip really does love his books...
Before he could walk he was already into books

Books before bed

Cooking with books

Surrounded by books

Books everywhere