I Cannot Complain

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Playing at the playground after trying to get tested at the Bone Marrow Drive for Hadley Mercer
We have been busy. Running here and there, indoors more than out, trying out the potty train game (and failing miserably). But I cannot complain. Especially when I learned about this acquaintance and how she is doing everything she can to try and find a bone marrow donor who would help to save her daughter's life. I went to the bone marrow drive this afternoon and they ran out of tests, so I went to bethematch.org and a test is being mailed to me. I don't know this person well, we have been to a few playgroups together, but seeing her being interviewed, watching people stop to give her a hug, observing the PACKED parking lot at Holy Trinity Church, I just could not stop thinking this mama is will stop at nothing to get her baby girl well. 

So I cannot complain that both Duncan and Wip are ALWAYS hungry...

I cannot complain that Duncan pitched a fit when I asked him to help me pick out something for his "white mystery bag" (from the looks he was pleased with what I put in the bag for him:)...

I cannot complain that the boys played with this spaceship for a solid hour on Saturday morning...

I cannot complain that Duncan knows how to take a selfie...

I cannot complain that Wip went to a birthday party this afternoon and was the only child (that I noticed) that thanked the host for having him...

I cannot complain that D's world revolves around super heroes...
maybe he will save the world?
I cannot complain that D is still on the one handed sock bandwagon...

Finally, I cannot complain that this is my Sunday dinner entertainment...

It is tough to see someone go through something that hurts (deeply). It also brings new appreciation to the giggles, "playing animals/superheros", and even the frustrations of potty training that I am going through with Duncan. I will go to bed tonight saying a little prayer that someone will be a match for sweet Hadley. Not only can I not complain, I also cannot imagine what that family must go through every day (if you would like to have a kit mailed to you...just go to bethematch.org and type HADLEYKY in the promocode). 

Tattle Tale

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trash pick up was set for Tuesday.

Patrick emptied our bedroom trash into the "main" trash bag to be taken to the curb.

On Tuesday morning, before the garbage truck arrived, Wip was inspecting the bag.

I was busy making the boys breakfast when I heard him going through the bag.

I yelled "what are you doing?!" and he responded while pulling out the picture (above) "Mommy, I did not make this for the trash!". 

Good point. I told him to go tell his father what he just told me because he was the one that put it in the trash (yes, I completely tattled:).

The Interrupting Chicken

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein is a favorite around our house. Actually interrupting is also a favorite around these parts. For example, I was leaving a friend a message and Wip came running into the room asking me where his zebra blanket was located. He had no clue how loud (and annoying) he was and I had to pause my message leaving to say "SHHHHHHH, I AM ON THE PHONE!!!" (has this ever happened to anyone else?).

When I sat down to my computer that night I had received a message from a friend in California who always sends me the latest trends and savvy tips on parenting. The advice hit home with me and I must share...

It’s called The Interrupt Rule (courtesy of The House of Hendrix)
Here’s how it works: When adults are talking and a child needs to interrupt, they simply put their hand on their parents arm or shoulder. The child waits patiently without speaking.
The Interrupt Rule - How your child can show respect and honor to their elders through a simple rule. {the House of Hendrix}
By maintaining contact, the parent knows the child has a need. The parent can touch their child’s hand to acknowledge its presence.The Interrupt Rule - How your child can show respect and honor to their elders through a simple rule. {The House of Hendrix}
The parent can continue in their conversation until there is a natural pause or good moment to address the child. ” Thank you for waiting Palmer, what can I help you with?” The child’s needs have been met and were addressed with undivided attention at a moment determined by the parent.
I also have been known to hide in my closet when talking on the phone to avoid being interrupted; so I have implemented the Interrupt Rule when I am on the phone. My children don’t wait forever, but this gives me a few moments to finish up my conversation before shifting gears.
In addition to the obvious lesson in patience, the Interrupt Rule teaches children to honor and respect their elders and the conversations amongst them.

I talked to Wip about my new found rule and he is on board!  Now lets just hope my little goofball will stick with it:)

UPDATE: Today I was on the phone at the same time the boys were leaving their room from quiet time. Typically it would have been "MOM! I NEED A SNACK!" "MOM! CAN YOU PUT ON A MOVIE?!", "MOOOOOOOOOOMMY!". Today was different. Wip came into the room, saw that I was on the phone, and put his hand on my arm, without saying a word. He waited for me to look down and acknowledge him before he spoke. IT WORKED!  IT WORKED! IT WORKED! Yes, I am a little excited. Yes, I know there will need to be reminders. Yes, I know that it will not always go down like this, but it sure was a great start.

A Day To Himself

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

D's teachers sent some pictures from his day at school. She told me that he is usually a social little boy, but for whatever reason this day he wanted to be alone. These pictures made me smile. My little social butterfly having a day to himself...

Indoor Games

Sunday, January 12, 2014

It is not an indoor game day without one sock on D's hand
The boys have become very creative with their indoor games. This is a good thing, because lately we have spent a LOT of afternoons indoors. While I would love to be that parent that gets outside, the problem is...I hate the cold. I am a total wuss. So, indoor games it is.
Wip's parade of animals

Wip is a HUGE fan of hide and seek. I have to question his rules sometimes. For example, after a few rounds of the original game, he will switch it up and have us all hide at the same time (yeah, it gets a little confusing). 

The other indoor game that has proven a huge hit is the "racehorse game". This is when we line up in the kitchen and run around the house pretending like we are horses. While playing this (sorry, I have to brag on my sweet boy Wip) he insisted that we play at least three times so that each of us could win. He wanted both me and Duncan to know what it felt like. Keep it up kid, keep it up. Your kindness will get you far in life, I promise.

2013 Sea Island

Monday, January 6, 2014

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Wip could not wait to get to the beach. On the way he would ask "are we at the beach, yet?" (about 1500 times). I must say I was right there with him. Heading down to Sea Island at the end of each year is the perfect way to reflect and recharge.
The boys were amazing both ways...stopping 1/2 way in Chattanooga was a life saver.
Click here to find out what D calls a biscotti.
Working on some Ninja Turtle art

D wanted in on the action too

We even squeezed in a nap

High kicks for getting to the beach!

Hey-ooooo, ready to have some fun?

Afternoon movie 
 Click here to find out who Wip was cheering on for the UK v. UofL game. Good boy.
William and D owning the pool

The goggles were more of an accessory

Candy shop stop after a dip

Please notice the kid in a puffer jacket and Wip in swim trunks, we came ready for sunshine!


That is better:)

Conversations on the playground

Anniversary meal at Southern Soul BBQ followed by American Hustle (good, but need a little more "hustle")

No 7 year ache here!

My little Picassos 

D started playing with William's town...

And then all of the boys wanted in on the action (William with his car and Wip with his map)

Wip went to a Pirate Party....ARRRRG!

Lots of chicken and french fries were consumed

Lots of exploring

Mr. Christmas admiring the decorations

Patrick recommend that we watch Computer Chess on Netflix....I would NOT recommend it.

Wip loves climbing the tree 

We celebrated 2014 with a wonderful dinner outdoors with a firepit and oysters

Weird selfie...probably not necessary to post, but here ya go

Wip put this puzzle together everyday...he LOVED it.

Morning snuggles with Mimi

D gave a strong cheers to Uncle Scotty...unfortunately spilling his drink

Pizza kisses from D = the best.

Change is good. I have switched from Vimeo to You Tube (easier downloading). Let me know if you have issues viewing:)