The Month of May

Friday, May 30, 2014

Wow, May, you really outdid yourself... 

Oaks, Derby, birthdays, parties, cookbook club, book club, softball banquets, dinners, girls night out, staying in with friends, engagement party, final class ceremony, cousin time, brunch with friends, Grams & Poppy time, pool {finally} opening, end of school picnic, school events, graduation. I don't think we could have packed any more into this fun filled month, and I would have changed a thing.

I got to read "Dragons Love Tacos" to Wip's class for his birthday {they loved it!}

birthday dinner

D enjoying a cupcake

It would not be a proper "oh brother" post without a picture of my children eating ice cream, right?

We celebrated Linsday's birthday...VIP style.
Love this girl and so proud of her and the rest of the class of 2014....I will miss you all so much.

My girlfriends took me out for a last was amazing. This was the only picture I had on my phone from the entire night. A dude singing "Ring of Fire"...clearly my priorities were in order here:)

The boys got to have lots of Grams and Poppy time too! Click here to see the boys dancing to "Happy"

Wip LOOOOOVED all of his birthday presents. In fact so much that for several nights he slept with all of them...he said that the plasma car would not fit in the bed so he would just leave it next to his bed.

Brunch with my KCD crew
Hey, Dude...Pool time!
Sprinkler fun with friends...damn I am going to miss this crew.
The boys got to enjoy lots of cousin time. They will miss these boys so much.

Pizza with sweet Miles (could he be any more precious?)

My last philanthropy class. Tear.
Love this lady...she has been a huge supporter of my class. Will miss her.
If you have not seen this play...go. now. 

Selfie at Book of Mormon 

Creativity, Courage, and Embrace Change....wonderful message to the class of 2014 from my father in law. So proud.

Turtle Field Day

Sunday, May 25, 2014

  1. Making sure D is wearing two oversize t-shirts-check
  2. A beautiful day-check
  3. Cracking up {click here} watching the Turtle class field day-double check!

Bears with a Buddy

Caroline has been in Wip's life pretty much since birth. In honor of her birthday Wip took her out for an afternoon of lunch, movie, and ice cream. We started with lunch at Lonnie's hot dogs {side note: I am really going to miss this place}. 
Ms. Lonnie (as Wip calls her, but her real name is Debra {I think}) greeted the children and when she found out it was a birthday outing, she immediately brought the children oatmeal cream pies for them to enjoy after lunch {this might have been Uncle Scotty's dream meal}. You have no idea how precious the conversation was between Wip and Caroline. Wip asked "Caroline, what do you want to be when you grow up?"..."I want to be an animal doctor", Caroline responds "I want to be a people doctor!". They talked about shows that they like, siblings, was just about the most adorable 5 year old conversation piece ever.
After lunch we headed to the movies to see Bears. When I asked Wip if he wanted to take Caroline to see Bears or Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return, he responded "Caroline should is her birthday". Sweet boy. Caroline picked Bears and Wip could not have been happier. The movie followed a mama bear and her two cubs for one year. Watching real animals on a big screen for over an hour = Wip's dream. Thankfully {I think} Caroline enjoyed the movie too.
they were pretty much over having me take their picture at this point:)
The children were just being so dang adorable I did not want the afternoon to end, so we finished up with some ice cream at Comfy Cow. It was a little late {her actual birthday is in April} but it was so much fun. We sure are going to miss this sweet girl...happy birthday Caroline!

Animal Birthday Party

Monday, May 19, 2014

I found these adorable invitations online here

The menu was simple. Chick fil a nuggets and strawberries.

The set up was super easy. I used the boys animals for decoration and printed the party hats from here.

Party favors were felt animal masks. The children seemed to have fun with it.

The room was the perfect size. I highly recommend using The Parklands of Floyds Fork for a child's birthday party!

The biggest hit was the mini doughnuts from London's Mini Doughnut Bar. Delicious!

The party was kicked off at the was a beautiful day.

Lunch was served.
Wip was pretty happy with his party

Cutest little deer ever

OMG....those eyes.

Enjoying some chocolate milk.


Sweet girl

How many doughnuts can one person have in their mouth?

Pretty smile
May all your wishes come true!

Turtle talk

Russell (the real box turtle) was introduced and he was a total hit!

Next up was a hike to the creek

Here we go....

Exploring the creek

Cutest picture ever

Gathering shells

Looking for fish

These boys....

Duncan and Drew held hands the entire time...melt.

Pretty flowers from a pretty girl
I think William sums it up was a great party!