Backseat Conversation

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When not in conversation, this is a typical scene from the backseat mid-afternoon
On our way home Wip asked me about the wedding picture on the shelf at the top of the stairs. He asked me if we went to a wedding and was curious if he and Duncan went to Grams and Poppy's house. I explained that the wedding was our wedding and it was before he was born. His wheels started turning and he said "oh! I was in your belly!" (not exactly, kid). He reminded me of a story I told him about getting sick. He said "remember when I was in your belly and I did not like the chick fil a". This was a story I told him probably years does he remember this stuff. Trust me, I will never forget being 9 months pregnant and getting sick from chick fil a....not my finest hour.

I am really weird. If something gets in my head while I am driving in the car, I usually just belt it out. While out running errands with D, we drove past Fan Outfitter store. It made me think of basketball season and I just started chanting..."whats your favorite color baby?"....this was Duncan's version.

Wip has had a pretty busy social calendar lately...from baking class to playdates it is not unusual for me to just pick up D from school. The other day, it was just me and D, as we were pulling out of the parking lot I hear D say "ah, man we forgot about Wip"...I tried to get a reenactment here