Bad Boys

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I know that the boys have been sick, but I also can't seem to get the song Bad Boys out of my head when I think of them!

Let's start with Duncan...the other day I was putting laundry away and the boys were playing upstairs. I completely forgot that I left my make up on the dresser...the above picture is what I found. He had taken my lipstick and dipped it into my cream blush. The funny part is that he knew exactly where to put it, unfortunately it really was not his color (ha!). I also overheard Duncan say "you shut up" to Wip while I was on the phone. I politely excused myself from the conversation to scold him and let him know that those are not kind words. When I asked him where he learned those words (secretly praying that he would not say "mommy") he promptly said "Dumbo". Thanks Walt.

On to Wip. Let me start by saying that Wip has improved SOOOO much. Everyone has a bad day, but we are pretty much done with the whining, taking of toys, not using nice words (basically everything that a two year old does:). When I told Wip that he was going to be taking a cooking class with his friends from school, he replied "but I don't want to take a cooking class at school, I want to take a cooking class at the beach" -side note, he had a cooking class this summer down at the beach and loved it. Wip needed a lesson on being grateful. I looked at him and said "Wip you are a very loved, very special little boy, but you need to be grateful for the love that people show you. I went on (and on) to say when Duncan hands you a toy, you need to say "thank you Duncan, this is just the toy that I want". When Mimi takes you to lunch you need to tell her "this was a delicious lunch, thank you so much". When Grams reads you a story, you need to say "thank you for taking the time to read me that great story". Yes, I really went on and on and on and on. When Patrick got home that evening, Wip looked up at him and said "from now on when Duncan gives me a toy, I am going to tell him that is the exact toy that I want". At least the first part sunk in:)

So after the not kind words, grumbles about cooking class, ruining my make up (and much, much, more), Wip was playing with his sticker book and after working for what seemed like a long time, he walked up and said "mommy, look what I made for you!". OK, everyone is forgiven.