Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wip made this today at school. When Patrick asked him what it was, Wip exclaimed "my family!". When Patrick asked why there was five people in the picture, Wip responded "it is my mommy, me, my daddy, Duncan, and my sister". When asked if he would rather have a dog or a sister he said "both!". Adorable, but not happening:)

These fine ladies are the seniors on my soccer team. Are they not adorable? 

Wip has been working so hard on writing his name! Love seeing the encouragement, adorable.

I made this. I would not say it was was ooohy, gooey, and delicious.
We are big fans of the movie "Up". That makes this costume not only the best I have ever seen (big statement), but pretty darn adorable.

I love this picture. I love all of the motion going on around Duncan. Adorable.

This young lady graduated from KCD and now attends Emory University. I got to catch up with her at a conference, and well, you guessed it...she is adorable.

I found these two little doodlebugs crashing in Wip's bed the other night...adorable.

I bought "The Little Mermaid" yesterday and it is already a huge hit in our house. Watching these little munchkins get caught up in a movie is pretty adorable.

On the blog Dinner a Love Story, they call nightly cocktails medicine. I find that adorable.

I had a meeting at school. Wip was so patient and drew tons of pictures on the wipe board. This was my favorite. He called it "Noah's Ark" and if you look closely you can see a giraffe, zebra, and camel. Adorable.

Finally, this was where I found Duncan this afternoon. He desperately needed a nap and was fighting it, so I locked him in his room (don't judge). When it got quite, I tip toed upstairs and this is what I found. The fact that he passed out with his dragon cape on is simply adorable.


Melody Kazee said...

You are correct, these are all adorable! I especially like the ninja turtle bottom in the bed picture.