Cracking Me Up

Sunday, October 13, 2013

If you have never watched Parks and Recreation...shame on you! We have been fans for a while and it never disappoints. With a recent episode that we watched titled "Halloween Surprise", we literally could not stop laughing...especially at this part. Cracking. Me. Up.

So the photo above is cracking me up because of daddy's caption in his text when I was at a conference... "mommy, enjoy your trust fall". This video is cracking me up. This video is cracking me up even more.
This photo is making me wish I had a girl with attitude...I mean seriously cracking me up!

This is Wip's version of a triceratops...cracking me up.

This is Duncan in his Spiderman underpants (yes, we have started potty training). It has to crack me up because the last time I did this, it almost did me in!

This picture cracks me up because it is so hard for me to believe that Tanner and Duncan are old enough to walk and talk...for some reason in my head I feel like they will always be the babies (but they are both proving otherwise:).

This picture is cracking me up because it is Duncan on a fire truck looking precious...we all know the truth:)

This picture is cracking me up because the boy loves to go, go, go, but he still needs his beauty sleep...still trying to find that balance!

Finally, my little vampires in their Bruce Springsteen t-shirts are cracking me up for no other reason than wearing "Bruce" shirts and vampire teeth. Hope you have enjoyed this segment of "cracking me up!".