The Worst Scenario

Monday, October 7, 2013

Duncan before getting sick...looking thrilled
This weekend we went to an engagement party for a great couple (that my SIL set up!). It was also the chance for us to catch up with our #neighbors4life (the Sherrard's). We were talking about children getting sick and how the biggest fear she has about starting a family is the "children getting sick part". Instead of trying to sugar coat it, I went a different angle and told her that it really only happens maybe 1-2 times per year (at most) and it is really not that bad.

Fast forward a day later when me and the boys went to Lexington to visit my dad (he is doing great after a rough patch). I hung with my pops in the hospital, while the boys hung with Grams at their house. When I called to check in she told me that Wip had thrown up, but seemed fine. I went to pick up the boys and sure enough they were playing, happy, and (of course) did not want to leave.

We got in the car to drive back and my mom handed me a "just in case" container with a wet wash cloth. We were not 3 minutes from her house when that container came in handy. In the pouring rain, I stopped the car, dumped what I needed to dump, and had Wip sip on a few sips of water to at least get the taste out of his mouth. It was only about 8 minutes later that Duncan was also throwing up, but unfortunately he is a little young to understand the meaning of aiming in a container. Awesome. Two sick boys, one parent in the car, an hour drive, and pouring rain...the worst scenario.

Seriously, what would you do? I had a few choices...head back to my parents, stop each time to clean up each child, or put the petal to the metal and get home. I went for the latter. Going about 95 the entire way, I could have cared less if a cop pulled up behind me...I probably would have kept going. Poor Duncan fell asleep, woke up throwing up (which by instinct made him put his little hand over his mouth) he started choking and I am screaming from the driver seat to "JUST LET IT OUT...GET YOUR HAND OFF OF YOUR MOUTH!" (while driving very, very fast).

We made it home. The car smelled really bad. I took the boys up to get bathed and get in bed. Both had low grade fevers, but nothing major. Duncan continued to throw up a couple of times, but Wip seemed to have "let it all out". After the boys were sleeping, I poured a tall glass of wine (Patrick was sweet enough to clean up the car/car seats when he got home) and hoped that it would not catch me. So far, so good. Shoooo, so much for "not being that bad"...I am eating my words!