Saturday, October 26, 2013

I am always learning. 

I am learning that I don't always have it together to put my clothes away...and while it drives me crazy, sometimes my section of the room is "messy".

I am learning that Wip is happiest right before bed. He is typically a happy kid, but there is something about when he gets out of the bath to get his jammies on.
I am learning that a squeaky clean face might not be the best thing. Click here for the article.
Wip sees Duncan

Duncan runs to Wip

I am learning how Wip and Duncan are more than brothers, they are best friends. As I have said before, Duncan's teacher LOOOOOVES to send pictures. The other day I got the series above.

I am learning about the serious issue of bullying. I watched this documentary on Netflix, and did not stop crying the entire time. It was so bad that when I saw my father in law at the gym the next morning, he asked me what was wrong because my eyes were still so puffy. It is hard to watch, but it is very powerful.