Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Halloween...

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween Oliblocks (I think I am addicted to making these things)

Today is October 6th and we are already in major Halloween mode at the Mulloy house. I think it is Wip's favorite holiday because he gets SOOOO excited about anything that has to do with Halloween (dressing up, seeing a pumpkin on a front porch, getting candy, etc.).

So this is how the month has started...
A while back Wip told me he wanted to be a moose and Duncan wanted to be a giraffe (of course this has changed about a gazillion times), but once the costumes were made the boys were super excited. I decided to just purchase masks and make capes so that it would be easy to get on and off and the boys would not have to worry about being to hot or cold because October is definitely the funny weather month.

I had a soccer game so Patrick took the boys to the Halloween Zoo Party. He said Duncan kept his costume on for about 2 minutes. Either way, they had a great time.

Last year, I made Halloween paper dolls that I found from the Mr. Printable blog (super cute) and Wip LOVED them. I had to make a new set for this year because he literally wore the other set out. Click here for a little sneak peak of Wip playing with the dolls (in his Christmas pj's:).