The Great Race

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just me and a few thousand others decided to get up and run
It was the perfect day for the Derby Mini Marathon. Overcast, 60 degrees, and a flat course. Bring it. I finished in 2:10:07. In those 2 hours I witnessed lots of "Boston Strong" motivation, a blind man running, and the winners of the marathon passing me at my mile 11 (it was their mile 19). 


After (yes, we are drinking beer at 10am)
After the race I was greeted by this little monkey (and Plehn's Doughnuts!)
They had a carnival set up next to the finish line so we stayed a while and checked out some of the rides. I highly encourage you to watch this video of Wip and Patrick going down the slide...America's Funniest Home Videos?
The rest of the day was spent playing "trick or treat" with the boys, toasting one of Patrick's former students who graduated from Vandy, and listening to some good music with even better friends at Z bar....good day.
We had to act out the trick or treat part...with real candy of course!