Rule of Life #1

Friday, August 16, 2013

We used to watch a lot of Olivia. A lot. Olivia likes to talk about life lessons. She will start the show with something like "Rule of life number (insert random number here). For example, rule of life number 55 "if your teacher says 'no' to a sea lion or an elephant, a tiger is probably out of the question".

If I were writing Olivia's lessons, I think it would go something like this..."rule of life number one, make sure you surround yourself with good people". That rule could not have come more true to life than today when we received a "Back to School" package for Wip & Duncan from Wip's godfather and his family.

It was filled with a personal note, books, and activities. It. was. awesome. Wip could not stop asking me to read the books...seriously up until bedtime. One of books, The Day The Crayons Quit, is one of the most hilarious, personal, and adorable books that I have ever read. Get will be my gift of the year for sure...

Thank you Uncle Mike, Aunt Sarah, and Sweet Delia.  We love it!