The End of Summer

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It is the officially end of summer in the Mulloy house. We all go back to a routine tomorrow (hooray) and the boys are beyond excited to get back to school. I thought for a "end of summer" tribute I would share some never before seen photos/videos of just how our summer was the best EVA...

Let's start with the videos (password is wpmdlm)
Walking home from the park (please notice the very quite/faint "I love you" that comes from Wip...priceless)

Duncan and his buddy Ashir playing soccer (so cute!)

Duncan doing his fake laugh while listening to Jim Gaffigan (hilarious!)

Wip being DJ to our song of the summer "Blurred Lines" (such a talent:)

Catching Duncan acting just like his big brother (#pleasestayyoungforever)

Now for the pics:
We had fun at the beach...

Seriously? How sweet is that face (William's of course:)

We said "goodbye" to friends (good luck in Texas Trey, Katie, and Nathalie!) 

We spent some QT with our cousins (can you tell we enjoy being with each other?)

We ate lots and lots of ice cream

We read books and watched TV (all at the same time!)

We hung out with our Grams (and tried to pretend we were angelic)

We took road trips

We ate our first (and maybe last) sno cone (messy!)

We went to the zoo (a ton)

We (finally) rode the carousel

 We took lots of walks

 We had a portrait made of Wip (I love how this captures his on)
We went to a farm party and Duncan fell in love with a dog

Happy summer to all and to all a good night!