RIP Goldie

Sunday, August 18, 2013

So this post was originally going to be about my mind blowing discovery of how to kill 1/2 hour with toddlers...

Yesterday morning, we did our usual "feed Goldie waaaaaay too much" and then applaud ourselves for being such a big help. This always makes the fish bowl very dirty and I decided it was time to renovate Goldie's home.

We headed over to Feeder Supply for some rocks and little did I know it was a "mini" zoo!  We walked around for about a 1/2 hour and looked at the birds, fish, and rodents. The boys LOVED it!

When we got home, we cleaned the bowl, put in the rocks, and Wip even included one of his toys so that Goldie would have something to play with. Fast forward a few hours. The boys were down for naps/quiet time, I was taking a shower, and Patrick was downstairs. All of a sudden I could hear Patrick screaming my name. I knew something had to be wrong, because why would any sane human yell anything when two boys are sleeping and playing quietly in their rooms?

Well, I guess Goldie did not like the new environment. The fish launched out of the bowl and landed on the floor and Patrick was the poor unfortunate soul that stepped on it.

I was nervous about Wip seeing the empty bowl. I decided to just go with the truth and let him know that Goldie jumped out. After he finished his rest time, it was the first thing that he noticed. "Mommy, Goldie is not swimming in her bowl". I explained that Goldie jumped out and he responded with "I think she jumped in the sink. I think she wanted to go back to the ocean. I don't know why, because she is just going to get eaten by a shark." Thank goodness for imaginations.