Sunday, August 11, 2013

1. I have talked about my love of all things French. It is no wonder that this cocktail caught my eye (photo: bartendingbootcamp.com).

2. We love having dance parties at our house (above pic is Duncan getting down). As much as I love my boys getting down, nothing compares to the little man in the #4 clip of this Buzzfeed. I have seriously watched it about 20 times (or more:).

3. Who is pumped about this movie coming out (photo: bossip.com)? This girl!

4. Bobbi Brown used to make this amazing product called Lip Shine (RIP). The color I loved was called "blush" (you know what I am talking about E. Sherrard!). Probably the only lipstick that I have had to scrap out with a qtip. I was browsing at Target I found a Revlon lipstick called Pink Truffle. It may not have the SPF, but the color and feel are pretty darn close (and it was only 5 bucks!).

5. Words of wisdom were once again passed along in this article (thanks Patrick). This is one of those bookmarked and will read often articles. Boys are seriously the best.