Friday, August 9, 2013

I heart Jim Gaffigan. Face it folks, he is hilarious. There is something genius about someone that I can listen to on a road trip with my kids in the back and not feel a hint of guilt. There is a particular joke he delivers about Subway and the soupy tuna or as he calls it "tuna gazpacho". I crack up every time.

Along with my love for Jim, I also love gazpacho. The real stuff, not the Subway kind. So, what do you do when your mom brings you red peppers, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes all fresh from a garden? Make gazpacho, of course!  I use the Barefoot Contessa recipe, but instead of using tomato juice, I spice it up with a bloody mary mix. I feel it is important to always give it a little kick.
Chopping everything usually takes me 10 minutes max.

These are from my mom's garden!

Ready for a road trip!