Friday, July 12, 2013

Photography by Mary Giuliani

1. Sweet Paul is such a wonderful online magazine (I feel like I have raved about it before). I came across this recipe, and the first thought that I had was "my boys will LOVE this", and the second thought that I had was "wow, I have all of the ingredients!". Done.

Photography by Mandy Mulloy (selfie)
2. Is there anything better than snuggling with your baby on a rainy afternoon?  Full disclosure: I wanted to kill him about 4 minutes before this picture was taken...it turns out that my "baby" has learned to climb out of his crib. Tear. 

Photography by Danielle Petersen

3. Jelly of the Month club has nothing on the Totem of the Month club found here. Trust me, I know that Wip needs none of these animals (not to mention it is a bit pricey). He would not only go bonkers over getting a new precious animal each month, I know that he would also take good care of them. You should have heard him when we got home from vacation greeting each of his toys and asking how they were doing...it. was. adorable.

Photography by http://savingmoney.thefuntimesguide.com/2009/03/forever_stamp.php
4. Patrick passed along this article to me a few weeks ago. I have read over it a few times and it is one of the few "life lesson" articles that has really stuck with me. I especially love #3 and #9.

Photography by postgradproblems.com
5. Make sure you have some tissue when you click here. No, I am serious. If you do not cry when you watch this, you are made of stone.