Ear Tube Removal

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The hashtag to capture what I thought before Wip went in to have his ear tubes removed would have been #nbd (no big deal). In fact I even forgot to tell his Mimi that he was having the procedure!  Dr. Murphy explained that tissue had begun to wrap around the tube and it was time to take them out.

We got to the hospital at 7am and it was a hurry up and wait game. I assumed it would be the same as when he got the tubes in. Quick, easy, literally five minutes. It was quick, easy, and literally five minutes, but the recovery was not what I was expecting. While he was coming off of the anesthesia, he was scared, awake but asleep, and crying very loudly. It was extremely hard to watch, although the nurse said it was completely normal.

When we got home he had waffles and watched Gordy (a movie about a pig) with some friends (the stuffed kind). The nurse told me that he could not walk around for the first few hours. So when Wip told me he had to use the bathroom, I tried to get to him before he tried to walk (unsuccessfully). His legs gave out and he landed on the corner of the wall. Not only did it induce more crying, but also gave him a nice goose egg on his forehead. When I told him that he had sea legs and needed my help, he told me that he did not have sea legs, but his legs were bandy just like Gerald the Giraffe in one of his favorite books Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae.
Such a joy to be around when he wakes up

The afternoon included phone calls, texts, and visits. Wip is one lucky little boy to have so many people who love and care about him.

Even though Wip was the one that had surgery, while the boys were having a snack Wip noticed that Duncan had scraped his knee. He asked me to get the boo boo bunny and proceeded to try and make his "boo boo" feel better. Duncan was not impressed (but mama was:).

The day ended with Wip sticking a small (very small) flower up his nose before bed. We thought we might have to go back to the hospital, but thankfully Daddy got it out. Always something.