Bossy Pants

Friday, April 12, 2013

Aside from the "stop that" (Duncan's new favorite phrase) and "I don't want to rest!" (Wip's everyday comment) we had a pretty laid back afternoon over here on Elmwood.

I was doing some laundry and overheard the boys in the basement trying to find instruments to have a parade. I laughed out loud at one point because Wip was insistent on Duncan using a certain instrument and shouted "D, you are not listening!" (wonder where he has heard that before:). What a bossy pants.

I must admit that I was pretty impressed with Wip's creation of the instruments. He had Duncan banging wooden food and he had a hot dog that he was using to strum part of the oven shelf from the kitchen...way to improvise!

I have learned to take two pictures...they say cheese never looking at the camera

And then they look up at me like "Mom, did you get that?"

This is just proof that Duncan was eating his peas:)
After the parade, dinner, and baths, Wip told me he thought he was coming down with a cold (I think that is his version of his ears hurting) and Duncan told me that his ears hurt (I think that is his version of his ears hurting). Here is hoping we make it through the weekend without a visit to East Louisville! 
No more ear infections....please!

Wip fell on the playground at school and so he could not cover his boo boo with his pants...on top of coming down with a cold...he is a hot mess!


Melody Kazee said...

So sweet. That picture of you and D makes him look so much older! Must be the hair!