2013 Spring Break-Friends with Kids

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The four men in the above picture could not be more different (from where they live to what they do). Thankfully they were in the same fraternity in college because these four guys are not only great friends but as an added bonus they each married well (meaning I love their wives). For the end of our 2013 Spring Break adventure, Droessler, Kraus, and Jared (left to right) all made the effort to come in from San Francisco, Manhattan, and Brooklyn to not only hang out at the beach, but also introduce us to their adorable children. We had a blast!
Booze has been replaced with fruit pouches

Meet Finn (Emily and Matt Kraus's son)

Meet Abbie (Chrissie and Matt Droessler's daughter)

Meet Louis (Carrie and Jared Simon's son)

We hung out at the beach

had some adult time
and cheered on the Cards to victory 

UPDATE: After riding in the car with Duncan for over 12 hours today, I am happy to report that he was amazing!  In this video he is singing his version of "We Are Young" by Fun. You must watch until the end...cracks me up everytime!

And while it makes me sad that this is the final 2013 Spring Break post, I could not have imagined a more perfect vacation with the family....

See ya this summer Sea Island!