You Deserve a Break Today

Saturday, January 26, 2013

When I was a little girl, hand clapping games were all the rage. My favorite was the McDonald's hand clap that can be seen here. I had a "you deserve a break today" kinda week thanks to stress and feeling under the weather. Having the best husband in the entire world pays off when you have a "you deserve a break" kinda week. On Friday, Patrick took the boys to the Louisville RV & Boat show at the Expo Center and let me have the afternoon to rest. Let's just say this will be a repeat for next year. Fishing, ice cream, alligators eating otters, hot dogs, oh my!
Wip had questioned the otter...he insisted it was a cat

Bobby and Duncan enjoying some ice cream

Don't mind me...just catching some trout

RV & Boat showed out!