Mom's Day

Friday, January 18, 2013

Today was Mom's day at the Temple. When I walked in Wip's classroom, he looked up and smiled as if I was the most important person in the world. He showed me where I needed to sit (such a hospitable little man) and we all took a seat and enjoyed some juice and challah bread (after saying the prayer...Hebrew prayer, of course). My wild and impulsive son was this angelic and sweet little boy in his classroom setting. He showed me where the books are kept and asked if I would read the book "Mommies" to him (tear).
The children made "I love you" pins for each of the moms
Ms. Jan said she has never seen a boy who loves animals as much as Wip. She then told me a story when the children were in circle time and talking about horses. She said that she was explaining to the children that a mom horse is called a mare and a dad horse is called a stallion. Then she said she blanked on what a baby horse is called. In trying to rack her brain, Wip raised his hand and said "in my baby animals book the baby horse is called a foal". She was thankful that he was there to remind her:)

After snack and books it was time for music. The entire school gathered for music and boy did we "shake some sillies out". At one point, Wip's friend Israel came over (he is in the Butterfly class) and gave him a hug and then both boys sat in my lap for the next was precious!
The teachers role playing a song, the children loved it!

Wip's buddy Is
I decided to use the opportunity after music class for some mommy and Wip time. We went to Shady Lane Cafe for lunch and enjoyed a grilled cheese and crinkle fries (my favorite!). While my favorite part was hanging with Wip, his favorite part was going to visit the GIANT horse at the end of the parking lot (go figure).
So happy
Of course on the way home we had to stop at Target, his adorableness and good behavior made me cave when he asked for Monsters Inc. toys for him and his "brudder"....yes, I am a sucker.

Mike and Sully, welcome to the family!