Boys, Basement, and Books

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This post is very random (hence the name).

Monday was yucky outside. It was rainy, gloomy, and the perfect excuse to just hang out at the house. After nap/rest time the boys were playing in the basement and all I could hear was giggles.

When I went to check on them, this is what I found...

Just a couple of brothers playing in the basement. Really playing. Laughing, making a mess, building towers with blocks.  Enjoying each other. I had been waiting for this day to come ever sense Duncan was born. I have seen bits and pieces, but yesterday it was right in front of my face. I feel like they are the kind of boys that are so different but connected through brotherhood (like the real version...not the frat stuff). It was such a tug at the heart strings moment to see. My boys are bros. The real and fist pump kind of bros.

Before bed we had the nightly dance off to Hot Dog! by They Might Be Giants (or the song at the end of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). Duncan really loves this dance off. He usually wins.

After baths it was time to read some books before bed. We read a favorite "Just a Little Luck" by Mercer Mayer and a new one for me to read "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. Wip is an observant little fella, while reading "Just a Little Luck", he pointed out that the sister in the book had a different ice cream cone in the book than on the cover. Really, who notices things like this?

Then when I was reading "Where the Wild Things Are" I said "and an ocean tumbled with a private boat...", Wip quickly pointed out that "an ocean tumbled by". OK kid, I got it.