It felt good...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

This weekend has just felt good...

It felt good to pile everyone in the car and run errands on Saturday morning (bank, allergy shot, car wash, haircuts).

It felt good to catch up with Kristen and Kathryn on Saturday night.

It felt good to visit with Miranda and sweet Miles and hear all about her trip home to Hong Kong.

It felt good to watch Wip and Duncan play outside with Isabel and Harrison.

It felt good to make s'mores with the boys before dinner.

In fact the only thing that did not feel good about this weekend was the question that I was asked on two separate occasions, "are your boys twins?". While I think it is adorable that they look like brothers, asking me if they are twins just makes it a reality that Duncan is in fact a little boy and no longer a baby....sigh.