Happy 4th Birthday Israel!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Poor Israel. He was supposed to have his birthday party a couple of weeks ago but sadly the stomach bug took over and he ended up in the hospital on the day of his party due to dehydration. His mom rescheduled the party and so last night we were finally able to give our shout outs to the birthday boy.

Wip fell asleep on the way to the 4:45pm party. I guess that is what you get when you wake up at 6:20am on a Sunday morning! Israel was greeting everyone at as they walked in the door. When Wip walked in, it was like they had not seen each other in years....hugs, birthday wishes, ripping open the presents...they were a riot.

Running, jumping, pizza, cupcakes. Kazoing did not disappoint. It was a little sad to think that next year will probably be the last year that all of the children are together at school. Wip has made some great friends.

Needless to say getting Wip to bed last night was a breeze:)  Happy 4th Birthday Israel!!!