Change or Not to Change

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Every time I walk around Sea Island something changes. It might be the bike shop moving next to the movie theater (much more logical) or something as simple as the cushion fabric on the chairs in the Beach Club. While there is always change, the simplicity and fun of a place like Sea Island stays the same. As I was reflecting of the wonderful week that we had in Sea Island, it dawned on me that we experienced the same thing with Wip and Duncan.

Some things did not change with Wip. He is still a little boy with a lot of energy, but one of the sweetest moments of the week happened when me, Wip, and Granddaddy went to see Lion King at the movie theater (popcorn and drink included...hola!). Wip was still just a little too small to sit in the theater chair (just like last year). I almost cried watching him sit in his Granddaddy's lap through the entire film. I know that one day that will change, but I was pretty happy that this year it stayed the same.

Some things did change with Wip. Patrick and I talked about how Wip is developing his own little sense of humor. Now, it is a three year old sense of humor, but it sure does make him laugh. I dare you to say "french toast" to the kid. He just cracks up. 

Some things did not change with Duncan. He is still obsessed with his cousin William. I swear from the day William arrived in this world, Duncan had been mesmerized. That did not change at the beach. Auntie would sit William in front of Duncan during lunch and he would just talk to William like they were best buds. I hope that never changes.

Some things did change with Duncan. His vocabulary EXPLODED over this week. I swear he is saying things that are clear as a bell and not sounding so much like an episode of Timmy Time. One of the sweetest moments was his clarification of "Mimi". He would look at me and say "I want Mimi". It seriously melts your heart.

So, to change or not to change? I think that Sea Island has the perfect balance and I hope that my children will too. 

Here is a recap of the week...we had a ball.
Urbanears headphones are HIGHLY recommended for road trips.

Duncan tried to will the CATS to a victory with no luck:(

We used the "train" for many walks

How excited is Wip about Baby Jesus in the farm? VERY!

Father and Son

Mother and Son


Duncan loves the playground


Who wants to play shuffleboard, anyone?

Ho Ho Ho!

So handsome

Told ya...loves the playground
New Years Eve celebration

Lovin' the sparklers

William...not so much

Wip LOVED the life size gingerbread house!

William being adorable

Wip telling the birds that he will see them next time
*I realize that many of the pictures Wip is wearing the same pajamas. Yes, these were different days in the same pajamas. He was obsessed with being in his pajamas!