Happy Birthday Baby LUUUUKE!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

One word can describe the weekend...celebrate. And celebrate we did:)
Party Favors

Snuggled up to Grandma


Pretty Girls


2nd Mom Growing Up (Ruthie)

Party Planner

Day's Cupcakes

Wip, you have something in your teeth

Would it be a Kelly Kazee Parsons party without balloons?

Birthday Boy!

It was cold, but cute!

Patrick loves my expression on this one

Cute Invitation!

Don't you want to just dunk him in your coffee?


Grams in heaven


Happy boy

Thumbs up Aunt Kelly!

In addition to the birthday we also celebrated two baptisms on Sunday.  Congratulations to Hunter Elwood Parsons and Anna Killarney Vice on their big day!

Hunter's Baptism

The ones that got away...we could not do it all, so while we were not able to make it to Jack and Cooper's birthday party, I am sure it was tons of fun!