Friends for Life

Monday, April 9, 2012

What is the first thing that comes to your mind if I were to say six adults and four children (all under 3) under one roof?  Mine would be "stress". In the weeks leading up to the Sberna/Spillman visit I thought "what if we don't have enough food?", "what if the basement floods?", "what if the children don't get along?", "what if we run out of booze?".  All of the thoughts/stress melted away when we were all together.  I quickly realized that this is a group of people that genuinely likes to be together. That is what makes our friendship so easy. We had a blast and I can't wait to meet up again (this time I vote for the beach:).


Lunch Date
Little iPad time
Mother and Daughter
Uncle Mike teaching some golf

Wip, Delia, Hadley, and Duncan at the Zoo
Chilling on the Rhino
At the Trolley Hop

Check out my ride

Ending the night with a cookie from Gyslain


Ready for the Easter Parade

How cute are these friends?


Chilling out with some Timmy Time

Easter egg coloring fun!
After a nice bath, it was time for bed
Just a couple of bunnies looking for their basket

Found them!

It was birthday time too (from Uncle Mike and Uncle Nick)

Although the kids would not pose, we did capture Duncan standing
Easter morning started out a little rough

Best Friends Forever

Ladies Man

Tanner's first Easter!

Post Easter Egg Hunt

Not happening

There are those cute friends again

Bye everyone...until next time (at the beach:)