Four Stitches Later...

Monday, April 23, 2012

One of my favorite Mollie Mulloy Creason stories is the one about how she hijacked her father's cell phone and put on the message "This is Pat Mulloy, and I beat my kids".  Of course it was not true, but after my brilliant move at Duncan's daycare this afternoon, some people might wonder if I beat my kids.

Not thinking that he was not strapped in, I removed his tray of the seated chair to put him in his car seat.  Not even a split second later he fell out of the chair (hard) and landed on the corner of the table. We headed strait to Kosair Hospital (on Brownsboro) while he giggled the entire way. Two and a half hours and four stitches later we were home resting. He was such a brave little man and this mommy is going to be feeling bad for a long time over this one!
Watching Nemo

Still smiling


omtram said...

That makes me want to cry :(