Dropping Like Flies

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

So far this week two of my favorite bloggers have said "buh bye" to the blogosphere because life has either become too busy or the blog no longer reflects who they are...well, I am here to tell you that I am not ready to quit.

Even though I am a 'once every couple of months' kind of post girl, I still have so much to say! For example, Wip auditioned for a play yesterday, like a real 'read these lines and do this dance' kind of audition and he LOVED it...totally in his element. Patrick and I both just scratched our heads because neither one of us had the theater bug when we were little, but Wip just absolutely loves everything about it. Duncan. Oh, Duncan. We can never get through the day without some kind of Duncanism. The other day Patrick and Duncan were playing foosball and when Duncan scored his 3rd point he exclaimed: "I've got FREEEEE". Being that he is almost six, Patrick tried to explain that it was THREE, not FREEEE. Duncan just looked up at his father and said: "Wait, is that Spanish?"

So, here goes with the latest and greatest...

A few weeks ago I flew (solo) to Lexington to celebrate my friend Carey. She was turning 40, but the way we rocked it you would have thought she was getting married. She lives in Cedar Rapids and brought about 20 people with her in addition to friends flying in from Florida (me:), North Carolina, and Colorado...it. was. epic. Everyone hit it off and it truly reminded me that best of friends do not need a daily phone call or even a monthly visit to just pick back up where you left off. These are some of my nearest and dearest for as long as I can remember, and I think it is pretty obvious that we had the best time (see below)!  Happy Birthday, Carey Cola!

The weekend started with a Thursday night welcome reception 

Friday morning we went shopping and had lunch

Friday evening the Romero's hosted a fabulous throw down full of pork tacos and lots of dancing

me and my girl (we were the best DJ's eva)

Saturday was all about KEENELAND (one of my most favorite places in the world)

go carey, its your birthday

got to hang out with this fabulous couple

my girl Kristen came in...and things got cra (in a good way:) 

this crew.

I know that she had the best birthday ever...it took me a few days to recover

easter weekend means beach time before the epic egg hunt

sometimes I seriously cannot wrap my head around how cute these two are

wip and duncan did some damage to the house (jk)

it is seriously going to be a new home!

d insisted I take this pic because it looks like a surfboard

walking around the cloister

you can barely see it but we saw a bunny...on easter weekend...minds were blown

d could play tennis for hours...and hours

the egg hunt is about to begin...check this out to see d in action 

getting the prizes after the hunt...nothing can top this egg hunt

wip got torch back!


that is better

back to goofball

sunset on the way home

easter brunch at Lukes = YUM!

wip continues to blow me away with his art
Duncan tried to replicate Wip's 'Who Would Win' book series...when I asked him about the third picture down he replied "uh, that is chip vs. dorito"

Brothers Month was so popular that we did it again in April...

They are the absolute best...