Monday, March 30, 2015

I have boys. Brothers. Two little men. 

I have boys. Brothers. Two little men. And they cannot keep their hands off of each other. 

If I say it once I say it 18,000 times per day..."keep your hands to yourself", "stop messing with your brother", "stop leaning on him", "this is not going to end well" get the picture. While it frustrates me to no end, I still would not have it any other way. If this is the worst thing that I am going to encounter with the little fellas then bring it. The one thing I know with the hugging, hitting, squeezing is that they love each other. A lot. 

I have been told by both Wip and Duncan's teachers that they talk about each other all of the time. When Duncan wakes up and Wip has already headed to school the first thing out of his mouth is "where is Wip?". When I took Wip to Sea World, the entire day he kept talking about what his brother would like to ride or see..yep, they love each other.

Wip is my little routine man and today we were running a little late. Duncan and I had to walk him into school because we missed carpool and Wip kept asking me if he was late (I was just walking fast and ignoring him, because I did not want a meltdown). He seemed a little anxious and then we walked into the courtyard where he saw his friends. He looked at his brother and said "come on Duncan!" it was like he was beaming with pride to be walking in with his brother. This was one of the most special little moments I have witnessed as a mama of these boys. This one just hit me.

We have been watching the HBO show Togetherness (SO GOOD!!!). The show is written and played by two brothers (but they do not play brothers on the show). In this scene, Alex is dissed by a girl and Brett is trying to comfort him (totally worth the one-minute view time). Something about this just screams "brother moment" to me. I hope and pray that my boys have a million moments like this (and hopefully learn to keep their hands to themselves:).