Saturday Morning

Monday, September 8, 2014

Keeping it classy in Orlando

Saturday mornings are pretty special around these parts. Patrick typically takes the boys up to the Publix for "doughnuts by the fountain" but he had to be out at school on Saturday morning so I did my first "doughnuts by the fountain" adventure. On the way to the store, Wip kept talk about a dinosaur toy. When we got to the store, I had a few other things to get and gosh darn those boys were on their best behavior, had the best manners, and were being so darn cute. The dinosaur toy Wip was talking about happened to be right next to the register. It also happened to be a large stuffed animal, overpriced, and extremely unnecessary. We walked out with two.

During our return home the boys made some plans.

1. Set up dinosaur forest-they pretended the other animals were dinosaurs too (for example; the horse was actually a stegosaurus)

2. Make a pterodactyl nest with blankets

3. Find a good dinosaur show to watch

We found the BEST dinosaur to watch. Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs will be on our rotation (I am pretty sure we have checked out this book before).

I hope everyone else had a great Saturday!