Bucket Fillers Win

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wip explained the meaning of bucket filler. He said "a bucket filler is if I would say, daddy, I really like that bow tie". Then he flashed that adorable thumbs up sign that literally makes me stop in my tracks and silently say "ahhhh, everything is ok". He followed it up by saying "if I were to say frogs are dumb, that would be a bucket dipper" (of course giving the thumbs down sign in the process). I think "bucket fillers" and "bucket dippers" could be the perfect way to describe the past few weeks.

Bucket Filler-going to watch Babe at the Enzian and having a real pig greet us!

Bucket Filler-Duncan getting in on the action with the goats

Bucket Filler-Duncan has had a wonderful start to the year

Bucket Filler-taking a happy boy to school each morning

Bucket Filler-while heading to the car one morning Duncan came up to me and told me that he picked this flower for me and then asked if I would buy a princess costume so that he could dance with me. That kid.

Bucket Filler-most of you know my mild crazy obsession with this chick. Can't wait to get started.

Bucket Filler-not going to lie that it has been a tough start for Wip and kindergarten. That makes getting a note like this a complete filled to the brim bucket:)

Bucket Dipper-Enjoyed my experience at the European Brow Wax place, but they got a little bold with the brow.

Bucket Filler-is there anything cuter than brothers chilling in a "bucket"?

Bucket Filler-My dear friend Beth visited over the Labor Day weekend. This is us before our 20 mile run at 6:15 am 
Bucket Filler-this is the after picture. WE DID IT!

Bucket Filler-this is the reward meal.

Bucket Filler-she has no idea how much it means to me that she is in my life. MAJOR FILLER.

Bucket Filler-learning all about Harry Potter and knowing that your oldest son is going to love it.
Bucket Filler-a fire breathing dragon in the middle of a theme park.

Bucket Dipper/Filler-waiting 2 hours to ride a 4 minute ride (but entertaining ourselves with Heads Up the entire time)

Bucket Dipper-gross window dressings

Bucket Filler-cool props.

Bucket Filler-anticipation of a fire breathing dragon.

Bucket Filler-seeing the REAL Back to the Future car!

Bucket Filler-in honor of one of my most favorite students to ever walk the halls at KCD.

Bucket Filler-a note to Wip's friend John (equipped with a beaver, of course).

Bucket Filler-a husband that will take the kids so that his wife can spend time with her friend.
Bucket Filler-boys that love a zoo (even a small one that has the worst train ride ever...check this out...cardboard animals, really?).

Bucket Filler-cheetoes and m&ms

Bucket Filler-a son with an obsession of drawing and another son that enjoys displaying his brothers art

Bucket Filler-a family that loves me.
Not that you are keeping a tally, but I am pretty darn sure that bucket fillers outweigh bucket dippers.