Apartment Life

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A little tour of our apartment:

The boys bathroom has a huge tub for bathtime fun

A timeline of our family (thanks Emily!)

Our bedroom (you know you love that brown carpet...it is EVERYWHERE!)

Guest room

I used Spoonflower to cover the chairs, so easy! 

My favorite part of our apartment...this is where our family dinners take place. Even with the bikes and other stuff that crowd this little balcony, there is something about watching the sunset with a cocktail in your hand from this spot that makes everything seem alright.

HUGE closet space.


The boys room looks the same as on Elmwood...I found these spice racks at IKEA and turned them into bookshelves (I wanted to cover the entire wall, but then I remembered that this is just a rental so I need to simmer down:).

I love having the boys share a room...sometimes it causes late nights because they want to stay up and play, but I think it is worth it. Nothing sweeter than hearing two little boys talk about life before closing their eyes.

Wip picked out the rhino plant special for his room.

The best addition in our little apartment has to be legos. Patrick took the plunge and bought a huge tub (although the Duplos are still played with). They spend HOURS building monsters, creating toys for a toy store, and sometimes working with the instructions. Total hit.


Tracy Amin said...

I am IN LOVE with the balcony!!! And the rest of the house looks great!!

mkm said...

Ahhh, thank you! It is home (for now:)

Franciemull said...

Oh Mandy...everything looks so inviting...such a reflection of you and your creativity!