Scenes from the Beach

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I could not tell you my favorite part of our vacation. Maybe it was the couple of days sans children (more on that in a different post), maybe it was the way that I sleep when I am at the beach (solid), or maybe it was just the ease of being with my family and enjoying the time away. The boys (of course) made the trip memorable. For example, every time you asked Duncan what he would receive if he went to the potty (or any time you asked him anything) he would respond with a grin and shout "SPIDERMAN PAJAMAS". Or, on the last night when we went to the Plantation Supper (which Wip thought was a party for him:), I witnessed Wip running and playing and having the time of his life. On the way home he said "Mommy, I did not need to bring a toy because I played with my new friends!". We can't forget the (pretty much) every morning when William would wake and Duncan would run in with his fists in the air saying "William is awake! (thanks to Duncan, of course). Finally, on a walk home from the beach, Wip and I were having one of those "bottle it up" moments when he was naming everyone that he loved "I love Duncan, Daddy, Mimi, Granddaddy, Grams, and Poppy, etc." he ended the sweetness with and "I looooooove Disney World" (I am sure you do, kid).
Spent a lot of time on the playground

Lizard siting!!!

The boys chased it around

I found this guy on the beach!  He kept backing away from me:)

He loved the beach!

Duncan was in awe of the big kids

Click here for proof that Duncan had a helping hand
Wip LOVED climbing the trees

The boys watched lots of Wreck it Ralph

I got to snuggle with this little man!

Smoothie and Koi fish 

My new favorite cocktail (seriously!)...Salty Dog (thanks Mo!)

Life Size Chess

Face painting at the Plantation Supper

Duncan getting down to some Bluegrass 

Father and Son

Mother and Son

Home bound
If you want to see a hilarious video of Duncan's first "warhead" candy on the way home click here