Monday, July 29, 2013

Drew waiting for Duncan's arrival...

I read a parenting book a while back called "Bringing Up Bebe". Totally worth the read. I remember one part in particular talking about how American parents think that they need to basically be on top of their children during playdates until the age of 5 or 6. In France, you basically drop your child off at the age of 2 or 3 and it is the expectation not to stick around.

Duncan was invited over for a playdate today, and I literally dropped him off and Patrick picked him up a few hours later. Maybe it is because I read the book, or maybe it is because he is the second child, but I had zero problems leaving him there.

It does not hurt that I left him in wonderful hands. The playdate was with his best buddy. "Drew" is a name that has often been talked about in our house. During school last year, one of the first things Duncan would talk about when I picked him up was that he played with "Drrreeeeew". Even on his "report card" it was mentioned how much Duncan loved his buddy Drew.

When Drew's mommy asked if Duncan could come over, I knew that it had to happen. When I dropped him off, he was a little nervous, but it did not last. Drew has two older brothers that were as equally excited to have him over. Patrick picked him up almost an hour after we had talked about (only because the boys were having such a good time). It is safe to say that we will be having Drew over to our house soon.
Seriously? Can you just see this in a wedding rehearsal video?

Sweet, sweet boys.