Friday, July 19, 2013

The picture above was taken last year at the Forecastle festival. We learn from our mistakes and the biggest mistake we made last year was taking the children to a crowded, hot, and late running concert. This year we got a couple of babysitters (it was a looooong day/night).

Upon arrival we met up with Kent, a good friend who lives in Charleston, SC. So much fun hanging with this guy all day.

My purpose for even attending the festival was to see The Avett Brothers (more on that in minute). The show that blew my in I had SO much fun (dancing, singing, etc.) was Baauer. You might say to yourself, Baauer? Never heard of them. Oh, but you have...Harlem Shake anyone?  This DJ brought it. Click here for proof. And yes, that is a Hunter S. Thompson puppet at the show.

Major thunderstorms came through, but did not dampen the fun. I will say one of the more disgusting things I have ever seen was folks "showering" in the rain water that was coming from the highway overpass...can you even imagine how gross that would be...yeah, I witnessed it happening.

So I finally got to meet up with my sister for The Avett Brothers. Perfect timing. We danced and had a ball. My favorite part was dancing to At The Beach and not knowing 100% if it was the song that we thought/wanted it to be. It was a clear sign that children have replaced learning every word to all of the songs from our favorite bands.

The Avett Brothers also played Kick Drum Heart found is one of Wip's favorites!