Snow Day!

Friday, February 1, 2013

We woke up to a beautiful sound this morning, a voice mail from both the Temple and KCD, "school is closed due to icy road conditions".....SNOW DAY!!!!! Even if it was the most unnecessary snow day, I will take it.

It was a busy morning, we went to get an allergy shot, Patrick picked up his next "rock n roll" book club book, we picked up a prescription, and I got new running shoes...whew. I love it when we are out and about around town and Wip points out different locations. For example, when we passed the car wash (which will always and forever be Thomas Car Wash, even though it is now St. Matthews Car Wash), Wip said "look there is the car clean place". 

After a few errands, Patrick wanted to check out a bike race. This was not just any bike race, but the UCI Cyclo-cross World Championship. Apparently, it has never been held outside of Europe, and they picked Louisville, Kentucky of all places to host this weekend. If you don't know this about me already, I hate biking. I hate the fashion, I hate the feel of riding in the street with traffic, I hate the gears, simply put, biking is just not my thing. Going out in freezing weather with my children to watch bikers do some sort of obstacle course with a bike is also not my thing. No offense to those that were out there, but it just was not for me (to participate or spectate).
Great day for a world championship bike race (not!)

D is like "seriously? what in the hell are we doing out here?"

Wip just wanted to have a snow ball fight

We decided to warm up at the library. When we arrived at the St Matthews children's section we ran into another KCD teacher sitting on the floor, reading books to his kids. Great minds think alike:) 
Story Time
Sticking to the St. Matthews beat, we hit up Mellow Mushroom for lunch. Beer at 12:00pm on a Friday? Don't mind if I do!  
Yes, please!

D refused to take off his hat

Wip eating pizza like a New Yorker!
We ended the day at John Speiden's house. Not John, but John Speiden. We had been trying to get together for what seems like forever and today worked. Wip has been talking about seeing John Speiden non stop. I gotta tell ya, it does not get funnier than seeing those two in a pirate and spider-man costume running around playing "dinosaurs". Pretty. Darn. Cute.