Girls (and little men) Trip to Sea Island

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I had big plans for this post. It was going to be titled "Noticed". I was going to be all sentimental about the time I was able to spend with my youngest during my recent girls (and little men) trip to Sea Island. I planned on writing about how I "noticed" things I might otherwise have not with the one on one time. Then (cough, cough) I think I caught the black lung, pop...sentimental post be gone...instead here is the weekend in pictures (well the first half:):
This is how it started...seriously adorable.

I did notice that Duncan is a dipper...double it!

Bath time was necessary

Saying good morning to the Koi

Such a pretty day!

Duncan LOVED playing with William

He also loved being the center of attention!

Beach Club

I think this was the last time Auntie saw the glasses...D was ready!

Our little FDR

So serious

Of course he never liked being in this when it was age appropriate

Then this happened...

Thank goodness for rays of sunshine like this little guy!

Valentine Dinner Pictures