Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sometimes I test Wip. During rest time I will leave the iPad on my nightstand. I tip toe up the stairs because I will hear voices and I am ready to "bust" him for taking the iPad without asking (one of the rules is that you always ask before using the iPad). There have been times when it is just Wip playing in his room talking to his animals. There have also been times when I go in, give him a look, and take the iPad back.

Today was rainy. Gross. A total movie afternoon.

For some reason I knew that the iPad was on the nightstand and I did not move it. It was also an afternoon that I struggled with Wip to have his "rest" time. As you can probably guess, I walked in his room only to find him watching PBS Kids on the iPad. I took the iPad and told him that there would be no movies today like we had talked about and that it makes me very sad that he did not do the right thing...he said "Mommy, you are not sad, you are mad". He was right. 
Just me, Wip, and TV that is turned off