Sevastopol Day 2

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We left Sevastopol and hit the Bakhchisari which is the former capital of the Crimean Peninsula during Ottoman Rule. We went to Khan's palace and while the flowers were beautiful the palace was less than stellar (I just expected more).
Beautiful rose garden

Description of the palace

Pretty flowers

The entrance was made by an Italian architect  in 1503 

Dasha means "summer place"


Before the tour started Demetri (our tour guide) told us that Churchill came to visit here and drank many beers causing him to have to go to the WC or Winston Churchill.

Characters from Lomonosov: 
Today we had lunch with Georgia and David from baton rouge Louisiana. She was southern and sweet and he really did not bring much to the table.

After lunch we went to Balaklava which is a region that has been described in the Odyssey and site of the famous "Charge of the Light Brigade" during the Crimean War. We visited the Crimean War Panorama and visited submarine tunnels.
Outside out the Panorama 

Took 3 years to paint and then destroyed and took another 3 years. Saw the "first" nurse in the picture Sasha Sevastopolskya or the first Russian Sister of Mercy

We made it to the submarine storage (I was a little checked out at this point).

Left over missile just left in the corner

The tunnels were made with curves...pretty smart.

We love the Cat Effects App

Last night in fun!