Pinch Me.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Well, hey! Long time you have not heard from me....sorry about that. I will try to do better. Trust me, it is not for lack of content...just lack of time!

So, this parenting thing. It is tough. Not easy. The most difficult thing I have and will ever do in my life. There is the stress of making sure your child is safe, worry about doing the right thing, frustrations of how these little people know how to push every button at just the right time in just the right place. But then you have these moments, these "oh my gosh this is all worth it" moments. I recently had one of those moments...and I literally felt like someone needed to pinch me to make sure it was real.

Let me back up. In early October, Wip came home letting us know that he had been cast in his play...he was going to be "Papa" in the Interrupting Chicken (a play that his drama teacher and her husband wrote based on the book). We were so proud (and excited). A few months in, Patrick received a phone call from the music teacher asking him to not practice the songs at home with Wip and that it was her job to teach him how to sing...we laughed and laughed about this because first of all we were by no means trying to coach him in his singing and second of all, other than knowing he was going to be Papa...we had no idea what songs were even in the play.

I swear to you...I never looked at the script and had no idea that he had a solo...none. 

The week of the play was a big week. Wip informed me that it was going to be a great week because he had dress rehearsal, Mimi and Granddaddy were coming in town, the play, AND the book fair. I asked Wip how the dress rehearsal went and he mentioned that the gym teachers were crying after his performance. I did not really understand this but thought it was sweet that he brought them to tears.

Play day. So. How do I even describe this moment? We arrived and took our seats and the play started. It was adorable. Everyone did a fabulous job (and of course Wip nailed his lines). As the play was moving along you could not help but think "1st grade....really?". So many components, costumes, and songs. As the play was wrapping up Wip walked up to the front of the stage. The music started and then he started singing. A solo. A beautiful song about listening. He nailed it.
Ms. Ballard....she has sparked something in my little man that I will never ever, ever be able to repay her for...she is the best!

Proud Papa:) 

Oh many emotions!

Well, hey there!

No wonder the gym teachers were crying at the dress rehearsal! He was SO good. It was one of those parenting moments that you just want to freeze. I will never forget it. Never. I can't decide if I was more proud of the performance or the fact that he was SO proud of everyone that was part of the play. His modesty was unbelievable. So many people came up to him to tell him how amazing he was after the play, and he was thankful yet also gave praise to others by saying things like "thank you, Grace was a great witch". It was so amazing to me that he truly felt the "team" effort in the praise. Gosh, that was awesome.
Night on the town with Mimi and fun!
 So, pinch me. I am so proud of my little boy and I can't wait to see what amazing things he conquers and achieves. Bravo, Wip. Bravo. You made this mama so very proud.


Franciemull said...

I was there and I am still pinching myself! Bravo to the little man and bravo to his parents❤️

Melody Kazee said...

So proud of Wip! What a great memory for everyone!,