Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Duncan continues to crack us up. He has this way. It is hard to explain. In the car today on the way home from baseball practice this was our conversation:

D: Mommy, who builds the city?
Me: Well, a lot of people.
D: Like builders, makers, and maker of car makers?
Me: Sure.
D: The people in cars take seeds and spread them all over the city so things can grow
Me: Sure.
[long silence]
D: {singing} Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer...had a very shiny nose...

In an effort to not blow up my Insta account with all of the crazy, wacky, hilarious things that he says/does, I decided to document one afternoon trip to the grocery store...

Duncan noticed the pack of gum in my purse and asked if he could have a piece. I told him that he was welcome to have a piece, but that he would probably not like it because it was "hot" (cinnamon). After chewing it for a bit, he reached for the water bottle and took a huge gulp of water. Still keeping the gum in his mouth he says "Mommy, all I needed to do was take a drink of water and BOOM it turned to warm".

When we walk into the grocery store he locks eyes with this cake. He is cracking himself up thinking about if he had bunnies attend his birthday party how much they would love the cake. Such a nut. 

This Publix had limited cart returns which led to runaway carts all over the parking lot. One happened to end up next to our car as we were walking out of the store. Duncan said "Mommy I fink a robber put this cart next to our car so a police officer will come and put us under arrest" (maybe I need to dial back the "you better put your seatbelt on or Mommy will get arrested" talk?)

Finally, as we got in the car he said "here, Mommy" and handed me a small piece of the gum. I said "really, this is not all of it" He replied "nah, I have the brain looking gum right here" as he pulled the wad out of his mouth. Duncan...please keep being you. It brings so much happiness to my day. #afternoonswithD