Smurfette for President

Saturday, July 30, 2016

When I was a little girl, the above poster hung in my room. Even after I replaced it with Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block, it had a message that always stuck with me. No matter where you fall in your political views, there is no denying that history was made on Thursday when the first female accepted the nomination for president. 

I am proud to support Hillary Clinton and she will have my vote in November. I am not pretending to know all of the facts about her email scandal, the Benghazi attack, or the criticized issues surrounding The Clinton Foundation. I understand she is a person with faults.

I admit that I got caught up in the media representation and it was a long road before I could declare #imwithher. After watching her speak on Thursday it hit me that this a woman who has devoted her entire life to public SERVICE. While there will never be one person that I will agree with 100% on every issue, I can't think of anyone (male or female) more qualified to lead our great country.