Saturday, May 7, 2016

Ms. Carrie Nepple K-5 Teacher (aka your biggest cheerleader!)
Dear Wip,

Today, you are seven on May 7. Your golden birthday.

Out of all of the seven-year-old boys in the world, you are my favorite. I did not know what to expect when you came into my life in 2009. There is no doubt it was love at first sight, but it was unclear just who you would become. Fast forward seven years later, and you have exceeded my expectations as a smart, steady, and sweet oldest son.

Your mind is always running and never empty. When I put a show or a movie on I can almost create a countdown before you are heading to the art cart to put something from your brilliant, creative, incredible mind on paper. It could be a drawing, a story, a game. Something always sparks and usually the outcome is pretty darn good (of course, I am partial:).

As a six-year-old you climbed mountains. You worked through some challenges and with the help of teachers, doctors, and a loving family you found your path to not only succeed but excel. I have watched you over these months become steady. By becoming steady you are a loyal friend, a curious student, and a good, no great, little boy. I can't even count how many times I have been told how awesome you we were leaving the Mother's Day Tea your music teacher went to give you a hug and looked up at me and said, "you have no idea how much I love this kid". Your choir club teacher raves every time you perform how much she loves having you in the club and how well behaved you are. Your hairdresser, Ms. Sandy comments every time about how what a wonderful boy you are becoming and she never lets you leave without a hug. This stuff matters. Sure they could be saying it just to be saying it, but I have a feeling that they are saying it because they mean it. You are an awesome kid Wip Mulloy, and I am not the only one that recognizes it.

You lead with your heart and your kindness is contagious. If asked who your best friend is at school your response is "ooooh, that is a hard one...I like everyone". If you were President of the United States there might be three First Ladies...Preston, Caroline, and Delia.  You make it very clear that these ladies hold a special place in your heart and I hope that they always will. The innate bond that you have with your brother is nothing short of amazing. He looks up to you and there is no one that can make you laugh harder than Duncan.  Brothers for life.

Basically, you are killing it at being Wip Mulloy. Just never forget who you, steady, and sweet. Seven is going to be your year to shine even brighter than you already have. Know that you have a mommy and a daddy that will support and love you through it all and we could not be prouder. Every day we are so proud to call you our son.

Happy Birthday!

Love you more,


Melody Kazee said...

Love this

Mollie Creason said...

More tears! You write the best letters!!! HBD WIP!